Pool design

89 inspirations from all over the world for your own modern pool design

modern swimming pool design curved stairs Bilila Lodge

When summer arrives and the days get hotter and hotter, you long for a cool drink and the blue sea. But if you’re not one of the lucky ones to own a beach house, you can bring the freshness of the water to the backyard by having a pool built. A modern Pool design should be unique with essential features such as unconventional shapes, noble materials, different tiles, LED lighting, asymmetrical lines, waterfalls and even jacuzzis. These inspiration pictures show you incredible designs for outdoor pools from all over the world that will fascinate you. Find out which designs you prefer.

Modern pool design with waterfall and glass wall

modern pool design glass wall visible stone wall waterfall

During the day the pools are sky blue and clear, but at night their water becomes shrill and dark. In these examples, pool lighting plays an important role, so it has to be planned carefully. The pool stairs and the edge must be well lit to avoid stumbling in the water. Instead of steps, you can also imitate the gentle slope of the sea shore to give the pool a certain structure. Rocks and gravel are used as additional decoration, while fountains, waterfalls, and lagoons are the pool’s highlights.

Modern pool design with sun terrace

modern pool design glass wall mosaic tile inspiration

The ambience around the pool must also be in harmony with the style of the house. The lounge furniture and small accents such as candle lanterns and planters complete the outdoor area nicely. Check out these unique pools and get some inspiration for your own project.

large terrace with lounge furniture

modern pool design illuminated infinity size terrace plants relax furniture

asymmetrical shape

modern pool design asymmetrical infinity pool white furniture

Floor lights around the pool

small pool stairs floor lights beanbag sea

enjoy the forest landscape

small pool terrace sun loungers parasol forest uma bali

Candle lanterns as additional lighting and a romantic ambience

small pool interior lighting candle lanterns view sea Ferraro

Infinity pool with sea views

infinity pool design white quarry stone wall hotel cavo tagoo

white lounge furniture

pool patio candle lanterns white lounge furniture Canaves Oia

round shape

pool design round infinity wood terrace sea panoramic view

pool design panoramic sea lighting inside stairs

pool unearthed sun beds feet water

modern pool design minimalist glass wall visibly raised

modern pool design mediterranean style stone pillars rain shower

holiday resort Alila Villas Soori wooden terrace sun umbrella sea view

covered poolalu plexiglass rectangular garden

sun terrace pool panoramic sea view Villingili Resort

swimming pool design nature sea shore slope rocks

swimming pool garden stone decor terracotta tiles

swimming pool design two levels landscape Como Shambhala Resort

Swimming pool designs high courtyard surround Como Shambhala Resort

swimming pool design rectangular tiles gray trees terrace

swimming pool design lounge area terrace Insolito

swimming pool design infinity pool house terrace

swimming pool design wood terrace lounge furniture Como Shambhala Resort

swimming pool construction close to nature view sea rocks embedded

pool stairs terrace waves shape beanbag w bali

pool sundeck wood flooring indoor lighting Bulgari Resort

pool rectangular sun terrace tuscany flair palm trees villa kamala

pool near-natural rocks clear water jets

pool design gentle slope shore to sunbathe close to nature

pool shape lawn sun loungers hedges sea view

pool tiles cladding terrace dining area Villingili Resort

pool design waterfall stone wall wood terrace floor cushions Insolito

modern pool design waterfall tile lighting green effects

pool rectangular mosaic cladding stilts ocean Villingili Resort

pool design rectangular tiles stone sun loungers lawn

pool design inspirations close to nature sea gentle slope rocks

pool design close to nature sea view stone wall

pool design mosaic tiles white blue lounge bed

pool design modern large illuminated Bulgari Resort

pool design interior levels gentle slope wood deck

pool design infinity waterfall marble edge Villa Chi

pool indoor outdoor sliding wooden roofing

pool design house wood terrace sunbeds castors Villingili Resort

pool design triangle shape plants sun beds Villingili Resort

outdoor pool gentle slope near-natural terrace seating

Modern swimming pool shape lighting palm trees

modern pool design round shape sea lounge bed

modern pool design inside illuminated trees pebble terrace w bali

modern pool design lighting colored red infinity pool

modern pool infinity green lighting terrace

modern pool design wooden sun loungers sea view

modern pool design house stilt thatched roof Ayada Ocean Villa

modern pool design glass wall bali villa suluban cliff uluwatu

modern pool design exotic pergola sun loungers wood

modern pool design bali wood terrace stone basin

modern house access sun terrace trees w bali

modern house pool freestanding mosaic cladding lawn terrace

sea ​​pool flow into each other pergola thatched roof Gili Lankanfushi resort

small pool backyard wood terrace sun loungers pergola w bali

infinity pool forest landscape stone flooring gray

infinity pool woodland cottages thatched roof Ubud Hanging Gardens

infinity pool vacation resort landscape Villa Bayad

infinity pool retaining wall floor lights Bulgari Resort

infinity pool sun loungers mosaic tiles blue Villingili Resort

infinity pool palm trees sea border stone wall Villingili Resort

infinity pool outdoor edge plants flowers lounge bed villa kamala

infinity pool net cushions lie view sea

infinity pool sea view rocks decoration indoor swimming pool

infinity pool sea outlook edge plants border villa kamala

infinity pool wood terrace pergola thatched roof Villa Bayad

infinity pool wood flooring terrace lounge furniture pergola sea view Dupli-Casa

infinity pool shape sun loungers palm trees sea panorama

infinity pool shape view sun loungers stone tiles terrace

infinity pool design forest landscape sun loungers water level

infinity pool design terrace white pergola lounge bed rhododendron

infinity pool design near-natural rocks forest landscape

infinity pool design tall built terrace Ubud Hanging Gardens

infinity pool design glass railing wood terrace

infinity pool design exotic resort view ubud

infinity outdoor pool sun terrace forest landscape view

infinity outdoor pool flowers border villa kamala

house pool shape stairs indoor lighting terrace stone

house small pool wood terrace covered kitchen garden wall

holiday home terrace pool wood mosaic tile floor lights

vacation home beach pool Villingili Resort pebble border

holiday homes pool palm trees wood terrace integrated exotic design Dupli Casa