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16 ideas for outdoor pool design for your moments of relaxation

outdoor pool-fountain-lighting-relaxation-place-in-the-garden

The swimming pool can be a luxurious addition to the home, but it adds a relaxing feeling and restful thoughts after a long and tiring day. Pools come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs, and what exactly you choose depends primarily on your own wishes and preferences. Nowadays there are constant improvements to the Outdoor pool design made. Of the many options we find in printed brochures or online, it’s hard to decide which one to finally choose. Outdoor pools give us the same relaxing feeling that you get in the other pools. The only difference is the outdoor ambience that surrounds it. A breath of fresh air every now and then, that’s what we need, especially when you’ve built your pool the way you wanted it to be.

Outdoor pool design ensures magical evenings


Today we would like to share with you our selection of spectacular outdoor pools. Perhaps you will consider some of these as good options when creating a relaxing home? The different designs here are much more landscape oriented, but they give you a good idea of ​​how much space you will need to build your dream home. Regardless of what type of house you dream of, we can make sure there is always a perfect pool to splash in.

This outdoor pool is built at a residence in San Diego, California


Designer: William Krisel

Kidney-shaped swimming pool

Outdoor Pool Kidney Shape Honolulu Hawaii Liljestrand Residence

Designer: Vladimir Ossipoff. This pool was built in Honolulu, Hawaii for the Liljestrand residence. Picture of: Chimay Bleue

Outdoor pool design 


This outdoor swimming pool in a residence has a fabulous structure.

Conversion of a private house

modern-concrete-house-outdoor-pool-overflow-pool-privacy protection-hedge plants

Private house with garden under renovation, plus a 788 square meter area for your own outdoor pool. Designer: Antonaneta Yordanova

Another view of the outdoor pool

Outdoor pool-design-luxury-villa-puristic-design-Kavarna-Bulgaria

This private house is built in Kavarna, Bulgaria


House on the hill, Bienvenido C. Negradas Jr.


An enchanting view of the swimming pool at night


Outdoor pool design as a highlight


A Nikon300D was used to this cool pool To take a look.

Swimming pool design


A modern one swimming pool in Lewisville, Texas.

Modern outdoor pool


The house this pool was built to resemble a gallery in its style. The outdoor pool is characterized by clear lines and excellent materials were used in its construction. Image: Pool environments

Preston Hollow Project

Summer-villa-country style-outdoor pool-lighted-Dallas

Coziness exudes from this pool design, which is welcome for business life in Dallas, Texas. Image: Pool Environments

Exotic pool


A Canon EOS 5D was used to immortalize this moment. Image: Serenity Custom Pools

Attractively illuminated pool

outdoor pool-design-natural-look-atmospherically-illuminated

Pool and higher spa area captured by a Nikon D 200. Image: Serenity Custom Pools

Overview of the pool and spa area

Outdoor pool-modern-terracotta-terrace-SwimmingPoolPics

An enchanting view of the outdoor pool and spa area in one. Image: Swimming pool

Cozy outdoor pool and spa design


Luxurious swimming pool


A perfect landscape around the pool and interesting lighting. Image: fast_ck

Aquatic Technology Pool & spa


A cool pool and spa in Morgan Hill, California. Image: fast_ck

Concord pool & spa


Another pool and spa design to have next to your home. Image: Luxury pools

Could you find your dream pool on this list? If not, which pool type is important to you?

Pool lighting – a special highlight in the outdoor area