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10 swimming pool designs to get to know


When it comes to choosing the best design for our outdoor pool, we naturally think of the best shapes that will suit the location and the outdoor area. We also take into account how big our family is, how many people will swim in the pool and enjoy the fresh water there. After these important considerations, we can say that the size of our swimming pool as well as its shape are very important. Undoubtedly, you must first discuss and then select the best shape of the swimming pool with all members of the family, because it should satisfy everyone’s needs. We offer you 10 Swimming pool designs to get to know. Look at them.

Swimming pool designs to choose from


As we all know, there are so many different pool shapes that it won’t be a problem to find one that will suit the size of your outdoor area. So today we want to introduce you to 10 different forms of Swimming pool designs that will help you decide more easily which form is right for your available resources. So, now we are going to inspire you with twenty great pictures and landscapes. You are now ready to choose the best option from these 10 different swimming pool designs?!!!

Roman swimming pool designs

Photo via: Frank Bowman

Natural stone pool area flower pots

You are sure to feel the fresh air even on the hot afternoons when you sit in this open area next to the pool. Swimming pool designs a lá Römer Art offer generous space both in the water and in the garden area.

Two levels

Water fountain-two level swimming pool

With the incredible shape of this Roman pool, you could feel the coolness of the water in every curve and edge.

Lazy L pool

Photo via: Pegasus Products

large-swimming-pool-parasol-natural stone

Green trees surround this L-shaped pool, and that is perhaps one of the reasons family members want to linger here longer.

Forest landscape and pool area

Photo via: Pool environments

Natural stone-stone-floor-pool-green area

In this wide area, pools like the L-shaped one are very effective because you can move around freely.

Swimming pool in any shape

Photo via: CodyPools

Natural stone-bright-deck chairs-two-level-pool area

Homeowners have the best opportunity to relax and have a good rest in summer.

A real work of art

Photo via: Cody Pools

any-shape-swimming-pool- underwater lighting

This pool shape looks adorable even in the middle of the night.

Geometric swimming pools

Photo via: Cody Pools

Trees-landscape-natural stone-large-swimming-pool

In this environment, the homeowners can feel the warmth of nature and hear the sound of the waterfall coming from the pool.

Pool in the neighborhood

Photo via: Wells Pools

Geometric Shape Swimming Pool Design Picket Fence

Green plants frame this green tiled swimming pool.

Greek pools

Photo via: Blue Heaven

Natural stone parasol swimming pool design

The Greek shape of the swimming pool can appeal to many members of the family because of its shape and size.

A pool for more family members

Photo via: Medallion pools


This spacious pool is enough for all family members to swim together here.

8-shaped pool

Photo via: Pacific Pools

Neighborhood meadow swimming pool figure eight

Can you take a look at the amazing curves of this 8-shaped swimming pool where you can feel the free flowing water?

Pool with a waterfall

Photo via: Outdoor theme

8 shape swimming pool design garden landscape

The waterfall in this area frees you from any feeling of stress, here the water flows constantly and calms your body and mind.

Rectangular pools

Photo via: Dolphin Pools

Deck chairs-swimming-pool-oblong-shape

If your outdoor space is limited, we recommend this type of rectangular shaped pools, this is the best option for you.

Pure relaxation

Photo via: Your swimming pool

elongated swimming pool deck chairs

The cool water in this swimming pool is enough to finally make the homeowner feel comfortable and cozy in this outdoor space.

Circular pools

Photo via: Dolphin Pools


The cover helps to keep the water clean.

With a larger area

Photo via: Water air pools


As you can see, a circular swimming pool needs a larger area to accommodate its shape.

Oval or egg-shaped pools

Photo via: Rampart Pools

Resort swimming pool oval shape

With this oval shape, the outside space does not have to be limited because of the curves and lines of the pool.

Relaxation with a view of the lake

Photo via: Boneck Pools

Deck chairs-oval-swimming pool deck chairs

The setting of this swimming pool is close to nature and gives us a sense of comfort.

Kidney shaped pools

Photo via: Glamor pools


The man-made waterfalls in this kidney-shaped pool add attraction for the homeowners and their guests.

find silence

Photo via: Glamor pools


The calm of the water in this kidney-shaped pool creates a very peaceful atmosphere.

So that was our selection of very interestingly shaped outdoor pools. If you still have a chance, take one last look at all of the photos in today’s photo gallery above. They will certainly help you to find the best option for your yard or garden, precisely what suits your landscape. In fact, all of these swimming pools of various shapes are designed by many designers around the world, the pools are perfect, beautiful and remarkable. Therefore it is advisable to admire them again and again. Every time you can notice something new, interesting and enchanting in their forms. We hope you enjoy watching it!