Knit cat and dog sweaters – 62 pet clothing ideas

knit dog sweater light blue-vest-button-jack-russell-terrier

The small breeds of dogs and the short-haired cats have it equally difficult in winter – when the weather is bad, the pets often freeze while walking. Small puppies or older dogs are also at risk of catching a cold – in this case, appropriate animal clothing is appropriate. Many pet owners therefore choose it and would like one themselves Knit dog sweater. We offer you 62 cool ideas and designs for crocheting and sewing – they keep you warm, protect from rain and look very cute!

Knit a dog sweater – how to measure the dog / cat

knit dog sweaters colorful-idea-vest-chihuahua-small-breed

No matter if you have one for your little dachshund or your cat Knit dog sweater – the first thing you should do is measure the animal. Measure the distance between the legs, the length of the back and the circumference of the chest and possibly the circumference of the neck. Video below /. This will ensure that the pet can move around freely and is comfortable. The next step is to select and purchase the necessary materials. If the dog is walking once or twice a day then you can opt for cotton / knitting instructions below /. If it rains often in your region and the dog is exposed to strong winds, it is worth investing in a rain protection jacket / this also applies to short-haired old cats who spend a lot of time outside in winter. You can sew the jacket yourself or simply buy it. Whichever option you choose, the color plays an important role in the safety of your pets – red dog coats or clothing made of reflective materials guarantee that both the owner and the driver will see the animal in good time.

Knit or sew dog sweaters – all small pets really need clothes in winter?


In any case, we advise you to seek advice from the vet in advance – maybe you don’t need any animal clothing for your own pet. Basically, the golden rule applies – spend an hour with the dog / cat outdoors and watch whether the animal is cold. If this is the case, then you should look for suitable animal clothing.

Yellow-black striped

dog sweater-knit-yellow-black-stripes-dachshund-bee-look

Sweater for a Yorki

dog sweater-knit-stripes-pink-black-yorkshire-bow

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