Cuddly cats with a difference: tigers as pets in Florida


Tigers are frightening jungle cats that are a symbol of the wild, strength and courage around the world. But 57-year-old Janice Haley from Orlando, Florida has a different opinion about it, because for her they are Tigers as pets just as cuddly kittens. And when you watch her play with her two pets (180 kg Bengal tiger Janda and 270 kg white Bengal tiger Saber) you will understand why. They are just as loving and playful as their tiny cousins, the house cats.

Tigers As Pets In Florida – How And Why


“If you have their way, I’ll be your mommy,” says Haley of hers Tigers as pets. “They rub against my face, they let me kiss their nose.” The two tigers live in a fenced enclosure in their backyard and are hand-fed three times a day.

Tigers as pets – the exotic idea of ​​Janice Haley from Florida


It all started in 1995 when Haley decided to quit her boring desk job and, on her husband’s advice, started working with exotic animals. Since then she has had quite a few different big cats as well Tigers as pets and loads of volunteers to help take care of them and play with them.

Can you keep such an animal at home?


“People who think it’s cruel to keep them in captivity are right on one hand,” admits Haley. “The cage is not the perfect place for a tiger. But right now there isn’t much hope for them in the wild and if there aren’t a few left in cages, in a few years there won’t be any left at all … They are cared for and loved here. Personally, I would have no problem being a tiger in my backyard, ”she continues to say of hers Tigers as pets.

Janice and the tender giant 


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