Pergola & Gazebo

Wooden pergola with a rutical look – ideas for the garden

Rattan furniture seating area garden

We have several rustic designs for you Wooden pergola collected that are pretty easy to replicate. Decorate the pergola with climbing plants or use them as an accent in the garden and attract attention!

Beautiful wooden pergola with a rustic look

Wooden pergola garden beams

Rustic Wooden pergola can basically be divided into two types – the first design is built from unworked wooden beams. The second construction uses chopped tree branches. In both cases the natural look of the wood should be preserved. The first construction is characterized by a curvy construction that makes it more durable. The tension between the bent wooden beams creates an interesting and extremely durable design.

Simple wooden pergola with tunnel construction

 Tree branches wooden construction design garden

The second rustic Wooden pergola mimics the natural environment. The structure is simplified and the construction holds the ceiling. As a decoration for this design one could use climbing plants – for example roses. The beautiful flowers are a charming effect in the design.

Several small wooden pergolas

Statues garden-small plants

Several smaller wooden pergolas can create dramatic effects and can be used as decoration in the garden. The combination with stone statues makes them even more prominent. The abundant planting compliments the overall look.

White wooden pergola

 Colorful flowers prepare for the garden for spring

Even a very simple one Wooden pergola can look more interesting with the right color. The white color is particularly suitable for vibrant gardens and creates a beautiful contrast to the spring flowers and plants.

Wooden pergola with an interesting roof

rustic pergola garden entrance

An extraordinary design of the pergola impresses with an interesting roof. The structure gives the garden an individuality and invites guests.

Rustic structure with climbing plants

 Metal fence wooden pergola privacy screen

This pergola was decorated with climbing plants and is covered with stone slabs. Choose wooden beams that are about the same size for the best result possible.

Industrial look with wire

 Garden potted plants in spring

Combine different elements, such as natural wood and metal, to create a modern one Wooden pergola to design. A metal grate used for concrete and several standard size wooden beams were brought to construction.

Flowers as a decoration of the wooden pergola

 Clematis-green garden facility

Choose plants and flowers that explicitly show off the rustic design. Here the gazebo was planted with clematis. The structure has a sloping roof and is perfect for climbing plants such as grapes. This pergola is a peculiar island of tranquility with a rustic look. Several rattan chairs fit the design perfectly. It’s the perfect retreat in the garden.