Pergola & Gazebo

Wooden pavilion with a honeycomb shape offers accommodation for humans and bees

Wooden gazebo with hexagonal honeycomb shape

Check out this unique design for Wood gazebo at. The project was realized by the French architecture studio Atelier D. This unusual facility is located in Muttersholtz, France and can be visited in the amusement park.

Wooden pavilion in the French amusement park – the bee hotel

Wooden honeycomb pavilion attract

Of the Wood gazebo has several uses. The construction was built in the form of a honeycomb and consists mainly of wood. This project is intended as a kind of hotel for bees. The facility has two facades with hexagonal panels. Various objects and materials are placed there that are preferred by the wild bees – from branches to bricks.

The honeycomb wooden pavilion is also suitable for people

Wooden pavilion with a honeycomb cavity

That Wood gazebo but was not intended as a shelter for the wild bees. The unique construction can also accommodate people. Inside the pavilion there are wooden benches and tables in the same hexagonal shape. So visitors can hide from the hot midday sun. This wooden building is a unique project that will not only be of interest to bee fans, but can also be visited by all nature lovers.

The project provides shelter for the wild bees

Wooden honeycomb pavilion bee hotel

The bee hotel seen from the side

wooden pavilion with honeycomb side view

Various materials attract the wild bees

wooden pavilion with honeycomb shape different materials

The interior of the pavilion 

Wooden pavilion with honeycomb interior fittings