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Wooden pavilion in the garden – a stylish alternative to the gazebo

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Of the Wooden pavilion in the garden is a practical space-saving alternative to the gazebo – it can be built on a limited area. The finished sets often contain the floor and the furniture in addition to the structural parts.

The wooden pavilion in the garden – a charming eye-catcher in the outdoor area

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Of the Wooden pavilion in the garden catches the eye with a charming classic look. It has established itself as an inseparable element of the English and Japanese gardens – and with good reason. The pavilions are used as teahouses in both countries. Nowadays they have become a meeting place for the family – more and more Germans prefer to eat outside and create a cozy sitting area in the shade of the pavilion.

The wooden pavilion in the garden – which variants are available?

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Nowadays there are two variants for Wooden pavilion in the garden especially common – with a round shape or hexagonal. Regardless of which option you choose, the level floor is an important prerequisite for the stability of the pavilion. A substructure construction and wooden flooring guarantee the longevity of the building. It is made of solid wood, mainly durable local woods such as oak and pine are used. Thanks to special impregnation and treatment, the wood is made weatherproof. A bitumen roof or foil roof protects the pavilion from the strong sun rays and a weather protection cover provides additional wind protection. If the gazebo is also used in colder weather, the pavilion can be glazed.

Wooden garden gazebo in white and blue

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Practical and beautiful – the pavilion was originally used as a tea house in England

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Charming wooden pavilion made of robinia wood

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The roof with an exotic shape is reminiscent of the pavilions in Japan

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Garden pavilion on the edge of the garden pond

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Garden pavilion at the end of the pool – the spring flowers create a romantic atmosphere

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Water games in the garden

Wood bitumen gable roof water features waterfall stones

The pavilion with a gable roof houses the outdoor kitchen including a fireplace

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Romantic lighting with lanterns creates a pleasant atmosphere

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The pavilion is shielded from outside views by the high garden wall

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Modern pavilion on the edge of the pool

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Complete garden equipment – wooden pavilion, greenhouse and seating area