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With these design and decoration tips, the pergola will be even more beautiful

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The pergola effortlessly becomes the main protagonist in the outdoor area. But there is always a better way – with the following tips garden owners can achieve maximum effects. Depending on how you want to design your pergola, there are many different styles to choose from. Whether romantic, Asian or modern: We will show you how a simple pergola can be made even more beautiful.

A wide variety of pergolas open up many possibilities

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As is well known, the pergola fulfills several tasks at the same time. From a purely functional point of view, it is sun protection; a shade provider who Exists in so many styles and designs, that there is the right solution for every engagement. At the same time, it is an eye-catcher that enhances the ambience of the entire outdoor area. Whether with curtains or not, whether in the classic wood look or very modern, whether rectangular or round: Pergolas have taken German gardens, roof terraces and winter gardens by storm.

And because of this prevalence, the desire for individual embellishment is quite understandable. There is no shortage of possibilities and the first example already shows that neither the costs nor the effort have to be particularly high.

Simple but stunning: Pergola with a romantic flair

Pergola romantic flair rattan furniture stone pillars

A pergola is perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere. Many variants take care of it all by themselves, but with the help of a string of lights and a fireplace, the effect is significantly enhanced. The light chain in particular provides a friendly, peaceful touch and sets the scene in a brilliant light in the evening. So exclusivity and elegance are also part of the game.

Asian design as a prime example

closed pergola asian zen garden

Asian looks have been used as models for decades, especially in garden design. And that’s no wonder: Japanese gardens impress with attention to detail, with fine lines and with just the right degree of minimalism. Unsurprisingly, pagoda-style pergolas also exist. Combined with other elements such as bonsai-style plants and bamboo furniture, a touch of tea ceremony wafts through the pergola.

Closed, but still free

Pergolas are automatically associated with summer weather and fresh air. But that is not always the case in Germany. Closed pergolas are ideal for spending time in the elegant hideaway outside of summer. The exact design is a matter of taste, as there are many options. For example, glass fronts with which a ground-level winter garden is created are very popular. Rustic wooden walls based on the model of a mountain hut are also possible, natural stone also often comes into play and provides a variety, thanks to which an individual living experience is created.

Back to the roots: Pergolas with a natural look

Pergola Climbing Plants Country House Natural

Natural designs are on the rise. They symbolize natural living, which in turn encourages the trend towards sustainability. Of course, this is also possible with a pergola. Weathered wood allows countless creations, the elements don’t even have to be bought in a specialist shop, as nature itself has a lot to offer. With the right care, natural pergolas achieve a long service life and can be a great price-performance bargain. A tip: With vegetation (e.g. ivy) the pergola not only looks more natural, but also becomes a habitat for animals such as birds or ladybugs.

Pergola Pavilion Nature Romantic Design Walkway

Good news: pergolas are not a question of money

As tempting as the examples mentioned may sound, it is also clear that they are always associated with a little time and money. The financial burden is limited, however. Smaller pergolas are already available for well under 100 euros, larger constructions are also within limits. Compared to many other purchases for the garden, such as high-quality teak garden furniture, these costs are almost negligible.

Of course, this is all the more true if as much personal initiative as possible is brought in, be it in the materials used or in the construction. Depending on the shape of the pergola, the amount of material required is also not particularly high. The simple nature of the pergolas thus also becomes a financial advantage that more and more garden owners are skillfully exploiting.

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