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Set up a winter garden – which plants find a place there

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How to set up a winter garden and which plants can be found there – this and much more you will find out in the article! There is a distinction between cold winter gardens, temperate and warm winter gardens. Depending on the temperature, only certain plants can find a suitable place in it.

Many wonderful hours can be spent in a winter garden – even in the cold season. But if this is not set up accordingly, there is no atmosphere whatsoever. In any case, appropriate seating furniture belongs there. Plants are also a detail that is essential when setting up a conservatory. But not all plants will survive in every conservatory. The temperatures in the winter garden are decisive for this.

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Ferns or tree ferns are, as I said, a way of adding plants to your own garden or winter garden. These have some interesting peculiarities. These have been around for 200 million years and fern species can withstand temperatures as low as minus 10 to 12 degrees as well as warm temperatures. But there is one important aspect to consider when pouring. Instead of pouring the water into the pot, ferns must be poured down from above. The reason for this is that the root is in the trunk itself. This also explains why you can simply cut off a fern that has grown too large and replant the cut part. The winter garden decorate with tree fern, can therefore be a good idea.

If you want to set up a warm winter garden, a constant temperature of more than 18 degrees must prevail. Such winter gardens are usually in a shadowy location, so that heating is necessary. Plants that bloom all year round will therefore find an appropriate place in it. These include, for example, the Brazilian guava, known under the technical term Acca sellowiana, the acerola cherry, also known as Malpighia glabra, the mango, known as Mangifera indica, the hibiscus or the tree fern, all of which feel comfortable in such an environment would. The tree fern is known by the technical term Dicksonia squarrosa.

Set up a cold winter garden

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If you want to set up a cold winter garden, you have to ensure a temperature of -5 to 5 degrees. These conditions usually speak in favor of an orientation of the winter garden to the south. Mediterranean plants such as the Mediterranean cypress, for which the technical term Cupressus sempervirens stands, the stone linden, which is also known as Phillyrea angustifolia, the olive or the Olea europea, the rockrose, the African lily and also feel comfortable in such an atmosphere the banana bush probably.

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Conservatories that are tempered usually have a temperature of 5 to 15 degrees. These are usually oriented to the south, east or west. A particularly large amount of light hits such winter gardens. Due to the prevailing temperatures and light conditions, plants bloom particularly well in it. Plants from South America or South Africa in particular feel at home in such an environment. Examples of such plants are: the cylinder cleaner, which is also known as callistemon, the canary flower, the sesbanie, named with the technical term Sesbania punicea, the blue wing, the violet bush or the bird of paradise flower.

Each winter garden can therefore be planted differently. The only important thing is to coordinate the preferences of the plants and the conditions of your own winter garden!

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