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Privacy protection in the garden – 15 wooden fence design ideas

modern wooden fence entrance

Save the Privacy protection in the garden and design a private island of tranquility with a wooden fence – we will give you 15 design ideas on how you can achieve this.

Privacy protection in the garden – cozy and practical

Seating area garden fence metal furniture

Build a pergola and welcome your guests through a cozy white wooden fence. The design is inviting and is a cozy entrance to the formal garden, but at the same time it is Privacy protection in the garden ensured.

Privacy protection in the garden – screened off workplace

Gardening gardening tools storage space

This long section of trellis creates useful zone and additional space for the gardener. A large assortment of potted plants and garden tools are hidden from view. Of the Privacy screen  serves as a visual demarcation between the different areas.

White wooden fence as a garden divider

white wooden fence garden distribution

This beautifully proportioned wooden fence is a certain distance from the house and allows guests to enter the garden from the back yard. The structure offers practically the same Privacy screen  through the fence, but is a charming new twist.

Trellis as a privacy screen for the garden

Garden fence white color for spring

The beautiful curvy shapes of the trellis reflect the curves of the landscape, the furniture and the decorative stones.

Climbing plants and stone wall

Climbing plants garden pink

This fresh idea with roses and a low stone wall offers a seamless transition from one outdoor area to another, the trellis in the background serves as a support for the plants. More ideas for the Privacy screen

Garden terrace with wooden fence

Patio wooden terrace bench

Several panels from the wooden fence connect the benches of this spectacular terrace and create the perfect seating area for entertaining friends or just relaxing. The wooden terrace is placed on a hill so that it remains hidden from strangers’ eyes. In this way, the terrain itself becomes a barrier to the outside world.

Garden privacy screens – benches

Bench privacy screen garden design

Three panels of a wooden fence protect the bench from the eyes of passers-by. This idea is especially useful when the garden is at street level and the budget is insufficient for a tall fence. This variant saves effort and money and at the same time offers the desired peace and quiet.

Classic style wooden fence

Garden design idea -classical style

The curved shapes of the wooden fence in the classic style are in harmony with the stone columns and ensure the desired protection in the garden and for the house. Long lines transform the back yard into a nice relaxation area.

Screened patio area 

Patio stone tiles wooden fence garden

The curved shape of the fence visually separates the patio area from the other part of the garden. The design is provided with small windows that give the opportunity to enjoy the view.

Paravent as a privacy screen in the garden

Create a water garden screen

The screen as Privacy screen  offers many advantages for the garden – it is mobile and can serve as a partition wall anywhere.

Private wooden terrace in vintage style

vintage garden design idea

Wooden terraces are one of the most popular places to spend your free time. The design of the wooden fence and the green color are reminiscent of vintage style, while the table and chairs are in line with the overall concept.

Sitting area with canopy

Garden furniture garden design ideas

Due to its shape and protective roof, the fence protects the owner’s privacy and offers a relaxed atmosphere. Your guests will feel comfortable and will surely enjoy their time in nature.

Garden fence – the garden fence does not block the view and is inviting and calming. Cedar was chosen for the design because of its excellent properties – the wood is perfect for outdoor use.

Open-air room

Pergola building wood fence

Divide your landscape into different spaces for entertainment, dining, games and other outdoor activities. The wooden fence will help you with this – and can separate the different areas.