Pergola & Gazebo

Pergola with curtains ensures privacy in the garden

pergola with curtains pool area chaise longue wood design upholstery

If you want to make your garden romantic, then a pergola is the perfect choice. However, since it is an open frame, appropriate sun protection should also be considered. In addition to blinds, curtains are particularly good for this and give the already magical pergola an even more romantic look. One Pergola with curtains protects not only from the sun, but also from prying eyes. This is particularly advantageous if you have a rather bare garden or are still at the very beginning with the planting.

Pergola with curtains – maritime atmosphere

pergola curtains light blue maritime design stripes outdoor carpet lanterns

You can use a wide variety of colors and textiles to decorate the pergola with curtains. If you only want to use them as decoration, you can use a delicate fabric that is slightly transparent. You can also close it during the day when the sun is out because it does not hinder ventilation in your outdoor room. If you want privacy to be guaranteed, then it is better to choose a thicker fabric for the pergola with curtains.

Pergola with red curtains for a seating area

pergola with curtains red color wood white garden furniture

The color can be chosen freely and should only correspond to your taste. Curtains with floral or other motifs are also a great choice. However, you should also take into account the pieces of furniture that you want to put in the pergola. Choose upholstery or other decorative items that go with the color of the curtains. Because then the necessary harmony and a perfect ambience are guaranteed in the pergola with curtains.

Modern pergola with curtains in a striped look

pergola curtains minimalistic stripes candles romance lamp

Plain curtains in white

pergola curtains white couch basket furniture coffee table metal

Pergola decorated with colored throw pillows

pergola curtains turquoise throw pillows geometric pattern carpet zigzag

Corner pergola with yellow curtains

pergola curtains corner design chairs wood yellow curtains

White, elegant pergola with dark blue curtains

pergola curtains blue lattice design terrace house

Blue decor in a pergola

pergola curtains light blue romantic metal furniture flowers vase

Pergola as a canopy with yellow curtains

pergola curtains yellow beanbag swing throw pillow furnishings

pergola curtains floral motifs gray pool chairs metal roofing

pergola curtains elegant design red fabric roof flowers

pergola with curtains gray colors flowers decoration chandelier vintage

pergola with curtains fuchsia color seat cushions garden palm trees party

pergola with curtains corner garden seating area deco sofa

pergola with curtains bordeaux fabric transparent tiger pattern cushion rattan

pergola curtains whirlpool private garden pool

pergola curtains white wedding arrangement roses romantic

pergola curtains crossed white swing traditional cushions

pergola curtains stripes look fireplace dining area seating area

pergola curtains round design armchair modern style red upholstery

pergola curtains modern style gray color parquet lawn sofa black

pergola curtains black wood cream hammock outdoor

pergola curtains black and white swing wood garden