Pergola & Gazebo

Pergola made of wood or metal for a southern flair in the garden

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the Pergola made of wood or metal serves as a shade provider for terraces and gardens. It works well anywhere and can beautify any narrow strip of the yard. An overgrown pergola can create a wonderful setting for a cozy retreat and add excitement to garden design. You should consider in advance which areas are suitable, what material the pergola is made of and which plants can best be greened with.

 Pergola made of wood or metal – privacy and wind protection

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A modern villa with a warm ambience is the perfect place where you can laze around in peace. The open spaces of this little paradise should offer cozy sitting areas for breakfast or reading. Cover the desired place in the garden with the pergola made of wood or metal and create a shady, sheltered place for yourself.

Pergola made of wood or metal – which material?

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The pearls are made of modern or traditional materials in different styles. Materials for a pergola are wood, metal or stone In fact, wood is the most commonly used, as the traditional pergola posts made of well-impregnated wood harmonize with the plants and trees and add a unique Mediterranean flair. The protective layer of glaze or varnish should also be renewed regularly.

Metal pergola with greenery

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If you don’t like the rustic look of the wooden posts, you can go to a Wooden pergola  prefer a metal model. It consists of a simple, screwed steel construction made of angle steel. If you treat the metal surface appropriately, you can prevent the material from rusting. Use a sturdy metal construction for large quantities of climbing plants or vines.

Pergola made of natural stone – robust and safe

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The best and most durable material for you pergola is natural stone, but it costs a little more. A nice variant is the combination of natural stone pillars with wire grids or climbing aids made of wood.

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The beautiful arcade with iron construction is a harmonious addition to the backyard. On a long straight garden path to the backyard, it provides visual variety and separates different parts of the garden from one another.

Ideas for planting for pergola made of wood, metal or natural stone

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You can choose between many plants, but you have to pay attention to something – as I said, the climbing plants are best for them pergola suitable. It is important whether this is planted for the long term or for a certain period of time. Annual climbing plants include Japanese hops, firebeans or nasturtiums, black-eyed Susan. They are very attractive as they grow and look quickly Wooden pergola often change. Hardy climbing roses or wild erin are showy, perennial and good shade donors. If you want to combine different plants, you should inquire beforehand whether they harmonize well with each other.

Arched pergola with lush vegetation

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Metal pergola

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