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Pergola garden gate – 12 ideas for privacy and comfort

Wooden garden door-white garden decor

We present 12 design ideas for Pergola garden gate, create the cozy atmosphere and at the same time ensure the necessary privacy protection. Let yourself be inspired by our suggestions and find the right model.

Pergola garden gate with a chic design

Garden gate white interesting design lighting

The special thing about this design is that this garden gate can serve as a decorative visual separation between terrace and garden. Guests can see the garden and the design fits perfectly with the overall garden concept. The white color looks fresh and inviting. When building, make sure there is enough free space between the door and the floor.

Pergola garden gate to the back yard

Backyard garden gate pergola

Pergola garden gate opens to the back yard and invites visitors, the plentiful planting and columnar trees offer sufficient privacy. Match the garden gate to the outside area – set accents and choose natural colors. Add decorative elements such as bells or other metal decorations.

Pergola garden gate made of wrought iron

Arched garden metal gate

If you have a weatherproof Pergola garden gate need, the iron door is perfect. Here the door has a beautiful Finnish and looks cozy thanks to the many green plants. The visitors can look into the inner courtyard, in any case they can only see the tall plants and trees nearby.

Pergola garden gate made of wood protects the private area

Garden door wood stone wall metal arch

Higher garden doors like this one in combination with a stone wall not only have a great attraction, they also combine functionality and aesthetics in one. Here, the design is completed by the metal pergola, while the whole wall surrounds the house and the garden.

Pergola garden gate in country style

iron garden gate country style roses

Decorate your Pergola garden gate with flowers and green plants. This romantic design is an excellent combination of black metal and bright roses. Not only do they look beautiful, they also give off an aroma that will refresh your patio and garden.

Adapt the garden gate to the house design

Garden entrance red floor tiles

Adapt the garden door to your house. You can build a canopy that follows the shape of the house roof. This way you will create a visual connection to the house and the rest of the design. A white birdhouse in the garden imitates the familiar shapes and structures again.

Stylish garden gate with a modern look

modern garden door with protective roof

Although pergola garden gate is mostly associated with classic style and tradition, you can mount a modern garden gate. On the example of this modern door, which is in harmony with the color scheme in the garden and house, but still looks trendy and contemporary.

Customize the entrance door and garden door

Garden gate original garden design ideas

Match your front door with the garden gate by buying the two in the same color and made of the same material. A large stone wall is reminiscent of the house facade, while the wooden door creates beautiful contrasts.

Pergola garden door – climbing plants as decoration

Flowers garden door decoration

Bring color into the design – with it the white Pergola garden gate spiced up, the homeowners have come up with a beautiful decoration – vibrant flowers. They fit in perfectly with the overall concept, cast shadows and appear inviting.

Wooden garden gate with ornaments

Wooden fence garden gate-asian wood carving

Several panels with ornaments were connected together during the construction of this garden door. The pergola makes an exotic and mysterious impression and has an Asian pattern – the perfect entrance to the garden

Oversized pergola garden gate – a real eye-catcher

Oversized garden gate wood privacy screen

An oversized one Pergola garden gate is a sure guarantee that the design will be noticed. The dark wood color blends harmoniously with the trees in the background. The perfect production is a must, with such a large construction all defects are noticed immediately.