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Modern gazebo with bioclimatic pergola and stone wall in Spain

modern gazebo bioclimatic pergola white black steel construction

Anyone who lives in regions with milder temperatures knows for sure that the garden is the most popular part of the house. In countries like Spain, where the sun shines all year round, homeowners attach great importance to garden design. However, a garden should not necessarily be characterized by lush planting. When it comes to modern garden design, the focus is more on cozy retreats that offer pure relaxation or function as an outdoor living room. In today’s post we present an example from the small town of Dénia in Spain. The highlight of this garden is a modern gazebo, which consists of a stone wall and a bioclimatic pergola. The contemporary design is completed by a black steel construction that visually separates the pavilion from the rest of the outside area.

Bioclimatic pergola for the modern gazebo

modern gazebo pergola slats adjustable steel profiles

The project was designed by the architects from the Spanish architectural office Destudio Aquitectura in 2017. The customer’s order consisted of a covered but open garden pavilion for a summer villa in Spain. The gazebo was to be positioned on a vacant lot in the backyard of the existing house. In order to create a cozy seating area for both summer and winter, the architects opted for a canopy with a bioclimatic pergola.

stone wall garden garden pavilion pergola with adjustable slats

And what actually is a bioclimatic pergola? This is a canopy for the terrace or gazebo with adjustable slats. With such a lamellar roof, the sunlight can be regulated so that you can enjoy the comfort of your gazebo in any weather. The advantages of this type of pergolas are many:

  • bioclimatic pergola roofs offer protection from the sun and can be completely closed in the event of storms;
  • natural ventilation is enabled, which means that there is no greenhouse effect;
  • the sun’s rays remain under control, which allows the temperature to be adjusted;
  • the light irradiation can be regulated if necessary.

sandstone masonry garden pavilion open pergola white

That is why the Spanish architects decided on a bioclimatic roof for the modern gazebo in Dénia. So you can enjoy the mild rays of the sun at the seat in the garden even in winter and shield the area from the annoying heat in summer.

stone wall garden sandstone masonry viewing window

Another feature of the gazebo design is the western massive stone wall. The precise sandstone masonry not only fulfills an aesthetic function, but also protects against the strong afternoon sun and the curious glances of the neighbors. Nevertheless, a small opening was left in the stone wall, which looks like a small window and provides better ventilation.

modern gazebo pergola view montgo mountain

Since the modern gazebo is open from the other sides, it allows wonderful views of the surroundings. In the south you can enjoy the view of the famous Montgó mountain, which is a popular destination for tourists from all over Europe. The view to the north is not that impressive, but one overlooks the natural beauty of the trees in the vicinity, as well as the newly renovated pool in the garden.

modern garden garden pavilion open pool

The eastern side of the new garden pavilion also has an interesting design. It is designed with a steel construction made of slim, black profiles that set a clear contrast to the white pergola. The steel girders are geometrically arranged and form large triangles. If you look at the modern gazebo from the house, you can consider the aesthetic interplay between traditional and modern construction, embodied by the masonry and the steel structure.

modern arbor sandstone masonry wall opening

gazebo pergola modern design brickwork steel girders black

modern gazebo solid stone wall pergola roofing

modern gazebo bioclimatic pergola adjustable slats

modern gazebo with indirect lighting in the evening

Project: Destudio Aquitectura

Photos: Germán Cabo