Pergola & Gazebo

Greening the arbor and pergola – which plants are suitable?

pergola green roses pink white wood climbing plants ideas

As architectural elements, the gazebo and pergola have a great aesthetic effect in our outdoor area. That is why they have an important, even traditional, place in garden design. They are characterized by their peculiar shape and the material they are made of. In any garden, landscaping should be done very carefully, so let’s think about how to do that Green gazebo and pergola can. In principle, only a small part, around two fifths of the gazebo, can be covered with flowers. For this purpose, choose low-growing or climbing plants for decoration. But they are not allowed to grow to their maximum size, so you need to carefully control the growth of your plants.

Greening the pergola – wisteria

pergola green wisteria idea romantic blossom garden

If your gazebo is made of birch material, you shouldn’t decorate it with types of plants and flowers with the white color, such as the knotweed (polygonum) for example. On the contrary, here you need the green color of the climbing roses, so you’d better plant some types of these beautiful, wonderfully fragrant flowers, their red and pink flowers will add color to your arbor. The clematis with their red or purple flowers can also be an interesting eye-catcher. And the gazebos painted in all shades of red can be decorated with climbing plants with white flowers. That looks really great!

Greening the pergola – climbing trumpet and Italian flair

pergola green idea arch climbing trumpet beetroot

If you have a pergola in your garden, then with this type of system you have a canopy that is excellent for decorating. You can use fast and tall growing plants with larger mass for your garden decorations such as knotweed (Polygonum), the kiwifruit (Actinidia) and tree shrike (Celastrus), American climbing trumpets (Tecoma radicans).

Colorful roofing

pergola green climbing plant white romantic side table white vintage

A pergola with a normal arch can be landscaped with roses and different types and varieties of climbing clematis. You are guaranteed to achieve maximum effect if you achieve a combination of colors (2-3 decorative plant species). The small-growing types of climbing plants such as clematis should be grown at a distance of 0.5 to 0.7 meters from each other, the roses and the honeysuckle (Lonicera) – at a distance of 1-1.20 meters, and the other fast-growing species in the Distance of 2.50-3 meters from the most spectacular plants. You can decorate a pergola with plenty of blooming roses. So your outdoor area also looks colorful and inviting!

Ivy for the pergola

pergola green white wood ivy idea terrace design

Privacy screen with trumpet flowers

trumpet flower pergola planting flowers italian look

breathtaking wisteria

pergola wisteria purple green romantic stone pillars

the pillars covered with green

pergola green stone pillars sun protection climbing plants

purple clematis embellishes the pergola

pergola garden green purple clematis wood patio furniture

Privacy and sun protection

Pergola climbing plants green wrought iron furniture

romantic climbing rose

climbing rose pink pergola winds beautify wood garden

Climbing hydrangea

climbing hydrangea garden arbor pergola green idea  garden arbor terrace privacy screen wisteria purple green

gazebo green wrap grapevines

arbor green climbing plants grapevines

Garden arbor pergola climbing plants varieties are suitable

garden arbor pergola wood wisteria climbing plant green

pergola terrace green italian flair

arbor wood white climbing plants rattan furniture

terrace pergola climbing plants iron furniture

clematis white pergola green garden

clematis clematis purple garden arbor pergola

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wisteria climber pergola build wood stone

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