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Greenhouse for the garden – 17 self-made design ideas

greenhouse for the garden hut design door window roof

A Greenhouse for the garden needs everyone who has gardening as a hobby – but how can you build one yourself and put it together with existing building materials? We give you 17 ideas on how you can combine a practical gazebo and greenhouse in one.

Wall greenhouse for the garden

greenhouse for the garden wall white bar glass lawn flowers

For the greenhouse for the garden, you can first build a low wall as a foundation. This serves as a support for the wooden and window scaffolding and thus makes the greenhouse more stable. For this variant, you should be sure of the space, because it cannot be moved just like that. Once built, it stays there.

Greenhouse for the garden – wood as a material

greenhouse for the garden wood plastic window rock garden idea

Wood is very popular as a material for building greenhouses for the garden. This is mainly due to the fact that it is only stable, but also has a cozy appearance and thus improves the ambience in the garden. You can close the wooden frame with either glass or plastic.

Metal scaffolding for the greenhouse

greenhouse for the garden metal black vegetables snow winter gardeners

Metal is also a great option as a material for the framework. Bear in mind that this heats up faster in the blazing sun. For this reason, the smallest possible metal surfaces should be selected. The roof of the greenhouse for the garden can be transparent or completely closed. With a transparent roof you have the choice between frosted and completely transparent glass or plastic.

Greenhouse as a cultivation

greenhouse for gardening cultivation plastic house red facade porch

An improvised variant is this greenhouse for the garden. It is located on a veranda and is an extension. Such a greenhouse is quick to build and can also be quickly dismantled. In winter it can also be used as a winter garden.

Greenhouse for the backyard garden

traditional greenhouse design idea

This Greenhouse for the garden is 3 meters wide and 3.6 long – perfect for the backyard. The homeowner built it from machined cedar wood and placed it on a prefabricated steel base. The interior is large enough to accommodate a table with chairs and several potted plants. The homeowners can read catalogs and books for the garden in peace. The house is located under trees, but the abundant glazing provides enough sunlight for the plants to grow.

Charming little greenhouse and garden shed in one

Build your own garden arbor climbing plants

Hidden behind many flowers and shrubs is one Greenhouse for the garden, which also serves as a tool shed. Climbing plants make the house look cozy, while large plant boxes are hung on the walls inside.

Greenhouse for the garden – a playhouse was modified

Build a playhouse garden house

Once a playhouse, this small building has been completely modified and turned into a Greenhouse for the garden transformed. Although it is quite small, the house can provide enough storage space for the tools. It is also an area where the homeowner can keep multiple plant boxes. Small birdhouses complement the design. An inexpensive alternative to traditional greenhouses has been created so easily and with a little imagination.

Small open gazebo

Garden storage space buffet

You can find a suitable area for your plants almost anywhere. This alternative offers a small open gazebo with several counters. The canopy and the small cupboard with glass doors protect the tender plants from bad weather. After thorough cleaning, this little Greenhouse for the garden can be turned into a buffet.

Wooden house in the garden

Wooden house garden storage tool house

A charming wooden house in the garden, with large windows facing south, offers enough space for the plants in winter. The door and the small window on the north side let enough air. The house blends in perfectly with the landscape.

Traditional Greenhouse for the garden –  this glass house is cooled by a ventilation system. The fan ensures good air circulation and is supplied with electricity by a solar system.

Greenhouse for the garden with natural stone base

Greenhouse garden design natural stone base

This greenhouse looks like part of a 19th century garden. The white frame is built on a stable base made of natural stone. In many greenhouses, the structural component is prefabricated and the panels are specially cut so that they fit together – this makes construction much easier.

Self-made greenhouse from existing building materials

Build your own greenhouse

This interesting gazebo was built from the available materials – several windows of different sizes were tastefully combined, so that in the end a cute and functional house is created. The design looks really cute thanks to the fresh color combination.

Country-style garden shed

Garden shed ideas-Steinweg

Small, but very cozy, this is what this country house style garden house looks like. A stone path leads to the door. The plants and flowers around the house make it look cozy. A large door can open for the garden tools, or let in plenty of sun and air.

Plaster of paris gazebo

Garden shed plaster tool wall painting

Plaster of paris is an exceptional material for a Greenhouse for the garden  – but this small and compact structure, which is decorated with wall painting, has plaster walls and roof. The wooden doors are oval and open so that guests can get from one part of the garden to the other. A perfect place for the tools and small potted plants. This little arbor is provided with a ramp – so that a mower can be stored there in winter.

House with a pitched roof as a greenhouse

Build your own greenhouse glass wall

Almost any structure can be turned into a Greenhouse for the garden be transformed. Here, for example, a pitched roof has been completely glazed and turned into a modernized gazebo. In the southern part, several wooden vessels were planted and so the maximum available space was used.

 Architecture and garden art in one design

vintage horticultural garden shed

This summer house is actually part of a church – as the windows themselves remind you. The double doors and the gothic windows let plenty of light into the interior. The house is used by the owner as his studio, where he can paint in peace.

Small garden shed with climbing plants

small garden house gazebo

Greenhouse garden window