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Garden tools and garden accessories – tips for storage and care

Make your own storage space, cleaning supplies, plants, watering can

Every hobby gardener knows – the right ones Garden tools and garden accessories can make gardening a lot easier. If they are properly cared for and stored, nothing stands in the way of a pleasant summer in the garden.

Storing garden tools and garden accessories – what you need to consider

Equipment garden shed tools broom rake watering can

the Garden tools and garden accessories must be kept in a dry, but not heated room – the basement is rather unsuitable for this purpose. You can either tidy up a corner in the garage or build a garden shed. Make sure that you have quick access to the storage space and do not have to clear up other items from the path. Storage space systems that can be mounted on the wall, for example, are practical and clear. Cabinets and baskets are less recommended as the garden tools could rust. Separate the care products and fertilizers from watering cans, garden hoses and empty flower pots.

Clean and maintain garden tools and garden accessories

Garden hose lawn mower motorized shovel storage space

the Garden tools and garden accessories must be cleaned of plant and lawn residues with great care and regularly. In the summer season, this should happen after each use – this is especially important after you’ve just cleaned the flower beds and lawn from weeds. When buying motorized equipment, find out about maintenance in advance. Twice a year – at the beginning of spring and autumn, it is worth oiling the wooden parts – this guarantees that they will last longer and are less at risk from fungal attack.

Order in the garden shed – storage space for all garden tools, seeds, plant products and accessories

Wheelbarrow shovel watering can storage space garden shed wood

Practical, space-saving – winter options for garden accessories

Garden accessories watering can hose shovel wall shelf system

Everything finds its place – lawn mower, bird house, empty flower pots

Garden shed flower pots planters plant remedies

Store tools and garden accessories in the garage

Storage Odeen Storage Systems Table Tools

Practical, clear and space-saving – storage space system with a clear division

Storage space ideas garage surf theme motorcycle

A generous worktop offers the opportunity to clean the devices before wintering

Garage store white cabinets hanging skateboard wall

A small garden shed with a space-saving storage system – the shovel and rake hang on the wall

Garden tools shovel rake winter cleaning

The lawn mower must be stored indoors even in summer

maintain store winter lawn mower saw secateurs plant products

minimalist storage space systems for storing garden accessories over the winter

Storage system stainless steel wall shelf cabinets

Garden accessories sporting goods garage storage system

Garden accessories garage store ideas storage space system

Maintain gardening tools keep them big in the winter garage

Concrete floor wall storage system garden hose garden tools

furnished garage gray color motorcycle broom

System car two floors ladder storage garden accessories

Garage broom rake garden accessories storage space practical