Pergola & Gazebo

Garden pavilion in India as a retreat with a tropical flair

garden pavilion wood strips deck chair side table garden path

We would like to introduce you to an exotic landscape design. The idea was carried out on a property expansion in India that had not been used until then. The result is a Garden pavilion made of wood, which is surrounded on one side by tropical and lush plants, making it the perfect retreat. More precisely, the pavilion consists of wooden strips, which are recycled wood. A gap was kept between the strips in the roof. In this way daylight is allowed to flow into the interior. In order to offer protection from the rain, the roof was covered with a sheet of glass. This also gives the garden pavilion an even more modern look.

Recycled wood garden gazebo

granite garden path bench pavilion plants house

On the other side of the pavilion, steps were formed, which are covered with lawn and are reminiscent of the seating areas of an amphitheater. There is enough space in the garden pavilion to set up garden furniture. There are currently comfortable chairs available. But sofas and armchairs with a coffee table can also be wonderfully accommodated here. And if the garden pavilion is to serve as a stage on a family evening, it can simply be emptied.

Garden pavilion framed by tropical plants

garden path granite lighting wall barrier plants tropical pavilion

The base plate for the garden pavilion was sunk into the ground and the level of the paths leading to it was also lowered. The latter were also given a wall made of black granite as a frame. The wall, in turn, has small niches with lamps that wonderfully illuminate the garden path in the evening. In this way, a soundproofing is created, which is supposed to protect against the noise of the nearby road.

The pavilion is made of wooden boards and strips

wood pavilion modern india garden design granite

This garden pavilion can be the perfect inspiration if you want to design a similar seating area in your garden and are currently looking for interesting ideas. As you can see, the pavilion even has a small storage room with shelves. This idea could be useful to you too. Check out more interesting photos of the pavilion below!

The garden gazebo from the upper level

pasture garden gazebo pergola idea landscaping

The roof of the pavilion made of glass

gazebo roof glass wooden boards tropical design

Pavilion with reading corner on the side

bench garden idea lawn reading corner plants pavilion

The garden path in front of the granite pavilion

lush plants exotic garden pavilion granite wood recycle

The construction of the pavilion

construction garden pavilion steps granite tool india

The location of the garden pavilion on the property

ground plan plot garden pavilion garden idea

The steps in landscaping for the garden gazebo

steps building garden plot pavilion pergola

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