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Garden house with shed – a different kind of camping experience

garden shed with shed camping glass house idea design modern

This Garden shed with shed is not only fantastically beautiful and romantic, but also combines two useful things with each other. On the one hand, restful nights are guaranteed in the greenhouse-like part with a bed, on the other hand there is a built-in shed at the back for storing garden tools. With the garden house with shed you can spend romantic evenings in the middle of nature. The natural feeling is mainly achieved through the glazing of the sleeping area. So you can experience camping in a completely different way, enjoy barbecues and just relax!

Garden shed with glass and wood shed

garden shed shed greenhouse forest lake moss plants

The summer house with shed is called Kekkila and is offered in two sizes and in two different designs, which are simple but not at all primitive. On the contrary! The shed greenhouse exudes modernity and cosiness at the same time and is the perfect addition to the garden or holiday home. Don’t you agree that the bed looks very inviting? Now is the best time to take a look at more photos of the garden shed with shed and start dreaming!

Garden shed with shed to the rear

garden shed shed architecture idea romantic design

Shed with lots of storage space

garden shed with shed wood doors black garden tool

Black wood for the shed

garden shed shovel watering can storage space idea saddle roof

Garden house with a gable roof made of glass

garden shed shed frame black wood steps brick

Wooden frame garden shed

garden shed shed interior design furnishing transparent roof comfort bed

Comfortable bed in the garden shed

garden shed with shed bed parquet light wood

Retro accents in the garden shed with shed by turntable

garden shed shed turntable interior plants parquet light wood

Light parquet flooring in the garden shed

garden shed with shed wood glass roof sleeping area bed idea

Lighting in the garden shed by a black metal lamp

garden shed with shed lamp design modern black metal

garden shed shed mini garden additional trees glass construction

Photos by Linda Bergroth

Product found on ArchDaily