Pergola & Gazebo

Garden gazebo – the many functions of the gazebo

Terrace gazebo ideas dining area table flowers

Of the Garden pavilion has established itself as a useful addition. Numerous designs are offered today. We try to give you an overview of the available models and the choice of materials.

Garden pavilion – cozy patio area

Country style garden path sun summer gazebo

If you too Garden pavilion you have two options to choose from – the first is a light, movable construction that can be expanded if necessary. These gazebos are very suitable for parties, family celebrations or barbecues. They do not necessarily need a floor covering and can be made of both wood and metal. The second option is a stable pavilion, which is built from natural stone and is an inseparable part of the house. Often these gazebos can then be glazed. They need sturdy flooring and are often combined with an outdoor fireplace. The second version is significantly higher as an investment, but it pays off – because a stable construction increases the value of the house. In any case, you need to find out in advance which permits you will need for the construction.

Multifunctional, comfortable and very practical – the garden pavilion

Wood natural stone fireplace stone flooring tiles

Surround that Garden pavilion with plants and flowers. A fountain or garden pond will also provide relaxation. Climbing plants can offer sun and wind protection. The garden pavilion can be used as an outdoor kitchen and dining area. Illuminate the pavilion with solar lamps or lanterns – and you will also be able to use the area in the evening. We have attached several photos for your inspiration.

Gazebo by the pool

Stone gazebo fireplace dining area outdoor kitchen

Colonial style pavilion

Colonial style solid construction upholstered furniture pendant light maritime decoration

Metal gazebo

Metal gazebo vintage style furniture chandelier

Traditional wooden construction

Pavilion flower box hang up garden design

Completely white wooden gazebo

Wood white gazebo roof shrub

Garden pavilion with seating group made of rattan

Roof rattan furniture design ideas lawn trees

Organize children’s birthday parties in the garden

organize children's birthday party colorful decorative arbor

Decorate the gazebo with flowers

Decorative climbing plants design idea shrubs

Pavilion with a planted roof

Garden pavilion with planted roof garden design Steinweg

Garden pavilion in Feng Shui style

Gazebo Feng Shui style wood furniture

Pavilion with lounge bed and fountain

Gazebo patio furniture fountain tall trees ideas

Modern pavilion made of wood and stainless steel

Garden arbor metal wood garden terrace design

Exotic idea – pavilion in the pool

Pool lighting gazebo sky exotic hotel

Lanterns in the garden

Garden pavilion wood evening lanterns patio furniture

LED candles illuminate the pavilion

Gazebo romantic lighting butterflies LED candles