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Garden design ideas – set up a pergola for the perfect barbecue party

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We offer you 15 cool ones Garden design ideas, how to set up pergola for the perfect barbecue party. We will guide you step by step until the patio area is completely transformed.

Garden design ideas – furnish the patio appropriately for the barbecue party

Dining area barbecue party garden design

Step 1 in organizing a barbecue party means – plan, plan, plan. Our Garden design ideas will help you with that. Determine what you need and make a short list of everything you can think of – what will the patio be used for for the party – do you need more seating or a dance floor? Are you going to invite your friends and family for lunch or dinner? Are you expecting a lot of guests, or are you planning a meal for four? Many people only invite friends up to 20 people from time to time, and use the patio and pergola for dinner with four people. A variant of making a large terrace look more intimate – you can screen a small dining area with potted plants.

Garden design ideas – combine furniture

Furniture patio design ideas

Determine what type of garden furniture you need, depending on the space available. This is closely related to the number of guests. Nice variants are combinations of tables, wooden benches covered with pillows, or many chairs. Don’t forget the grill and serving trolley. When you have already decided on the furniture, measure the patio exactly – i.e. the area under the pergola. If you are still not sure which furniture is right for you, you can get the Garden design ideas follow below.

Garden design ideas – measure the patio

Combine fireplace carpet garden furniture

Appreciate the space you need for the barbecue party. Some Garden design ideas will help you with this – if you need a small area for two people and a small table in between, you can plan a room 1.5X1.5 meters. In any case, such a small patio can’t look good if it’s right next to the house. If the pergola is inseparable from the house, it must be at least 3 meters by 3 meters. This will be enough for four people. Plan 1X1meters for each chair under the pergola, this leaves enough space around the chairs for the guests to move freely. Draw the shape, the scales and the position of the pergola in the garden and think about the details again.

Wooden furniture in the garden

Fireplace bar

Outdoor pergola and fireplace

Wood pergola flowers fireplace pillows as decoration

White wooden pergola

Garden design - blue dining chairs

Romantic garden design with climbing plants as privacy screens

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Patio area with plant pots

Garden design tips to arrange patio

Pergolla – garden lighting

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Garden design – pergola with a free-standing fireplace

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