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Children’s playhouse for the garden – 25 design ideas

children playhouse romantic design gable roof veranda flowers decoration

We present you 25 design ideas for Children’s playhouse, that you and your children will surely love. Decorate the playground so that it becomes a nice addition to the garden. Be inspired by these playhouses and build a house for your children yourself!

Children’s playhouse with barn door

children play house yellow wood red barn door shed

This small children’s playhouse has a cheerful yellow color, with the red barn door as an accent. The house exudes a country charm and makes every children’s game something special.

 Children’s playhouse with slide

children play house treehouse climbing wall slide swings

 The children’s playhouse can also be built in the shape of a tree house. In this case, other play options can be added, such as a slide, climbing wall or swings. In this way, children are guaranteed to have the most fun.

Russian style playhouse

children play house romantic idea garden veranda wood

 What do you think of this cute children’s playhouse, which is reminiscent of the Russian country houses? They may have a small porch that can accommodate a few flower boxes so that your child can get used to gardening. Inside you can furnish the house as you like.

Scandinavian playhouse design

children play house gray design scandinavian fence canopy

Instead of a veranda, the lawn can also be in front of the house. Framed with a white fence, the house has a particularly romantic look that even your children will fall in love with. Inside you can create a play area or a bed.

Children’s playhouse – sunny and detailed designs

Children build playhouse design

Create an exciting playground for your children in the garden. These two designs by Children’s playhouse imitate the parents’ own house. A pebble path leads to the house, where everything looks real. Nothing was left out so that the model looks as real as possible – even a veranda and patio furniture are included. The two children’s houses are perfect for your little princess – especially if they are decorated with flowers.

Children’s playhouse in country style

Children's play house Landhaus Zaun

Two fresh designs from Children’s playhouse in the country house style, which are suitable for little gardeners – the house with a fence and pergola, or the small house with a purple door and colored lighting are the perfect playground for those hot summer days, where the children can read, paint or play in peace.

Fairytale children’s playhouses

Garden design kids house-fabulous

Your kids will feel like part of a fairy tale when you choose these playhouses. Charming windows, colorful wall paintings and above all the location – under trees and behind bushes makes the houses look like lost in the forest.

Exceptional designs for small gardens

self-built playhouses garden design ideas

In these cases, two clever space-saving variants are presented that are creative and functional. The playhouse on the left was made from leftover materials from a renovation and this one on the right used an old tree trunk as a base. The imaginative constructions were complemented by asymmetrical windows.

Children’s playhouse made of wood and stone

Wooden children's house garden purple

These two playhouses were built from natural stone and wood. The design is perfect for those cold days when the kids can play around the house. Wood and stone offer perfect protection from the wind, but you can at least install a heater so that the children are always warm.

 Playhouses for several children

Children's playhouse extended family wall painting

These designs are perfect for extended families with multiple children who are in different ages. High enough for the older children and colorful enough for the smaller ones, they can become a real highlight in your garden.

Children’s playhouse with slide

Children's house slide garden

If you want to enjoy the sunny days with friends and organize children’s parties, you absolutely need one Children’s playhouse with slide. The more children play there, the funnier it is. Two alternatives are presented here – the first is a conventional playhouse on beams and with a slide. The parents built the second design themselves.

Unconventional design ideas

Gazebo green design idea

These two playhouses are characterized by their unconventional shape and choice of colors. The red color sets accents in the garden and the garden fence visually separates the house. The green house is actually a redesigned gazebo that has been redesigned with a bit of color and decoration.

Cute playhouse with climbing plants

cute playhouse ideas girl purple window frame

If you want to bring joy to your girls, decorate the playhouse appropriately. Although almost all girls like the pink color at a certain stage, it usually goes by very quickly. That is why the purple color looks sweet and tender. Large roses adorn the house facade.

A playhouse on unconventional terrain

small playhouse backyard

These playhouses were built on small and unusual terrain – in both cases the available space was in the shape of a triangle, but still look very cozy and inviting.

Children set up playground garden