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Build a wooden pergola yourself – simple tips and ideas for the garden

Decorative rustic pergola design garden

The traditional one Wooden pergola is a harmonious addition to the beautiful garden design. On the one hand, it is a good support for grapevines or climbing plants. On the other hand, it can act as an optical extension of the entrance, define a cozy private place in the garden and give it character and personality.

Rustic Wood Pergola – Design Ideas

Rustic pergola flower ceramic vessels

Rustic furniture made from branches and logs has been very popular for decades. The style is still alive today and impresses with its natural look. One Wooden pergola with a rustic look is easy to build yourself. There are no specific rules that you have to follow when building, so we only offer you a few useful tips. It all depends on your own imagination and original ideas for design and construction.

What do you need to build a wooden pergola?

Wooden pergola design create a garden

This simple design can easily be personalized for your garden and combined with lots of planters, green trellises or bamboo fences. The creative ideas for bentwood pergola and simple construction techniques from Bim Willow would help you.

Here is everything you will need to get one Wooden pergola to build yourself:

– thick branches made of solid wood (approx. 2 meters long)

– short straight branches and decorative twigs

– Hammer, loppers, pruning shears, side cutters (for cutting off the nail heads)

– construction nails

– wire

Step 1: first gather your materials

Rustic pergola crafts materials ideas dry wood

Use either dried or fresh wood for construction. In the case of dried wood, you must first drill holes before nailing the branches. While sassafras wood and traditional willow wood are used in the example of Willow, other types of solid wood can also be used for your own Wooden pergola choose.

Step 2: Assemble two rectangular parallel side frames

Side frame pergola building ideas

Assemble the two side parts. The X-shape makes the construction robust and safe. Tip: When you hit the nails, it is better to leave at least 5-7 cm free to the end to avoid splitting in between.

Step 3: add decoration to the side frame – Thin willow branches and climbing plants would be delicate decorations for yours Wooden pergola. Use some of the decorative twigs to create an attractive pattern on the side frame. The branches add an aesthetic element and provide a trellis for the meandering vines. Here Willow creates a series of Gothic arches, holds them in place with nails, and cuts off the excess twigs with his loppers. Tip: the thicker the wood, the bigger the nail.

Step 4: put the top part in place

Wood Pergola-Build Your Own Steps Notes

To make a triangular pediment for the upper part of the Wooden pergola To create, assemble the thick branches together. Make two triangular gables.

Step 5: decorate the pediment – Add decorative sticks or twigs to decorate the pediment. Excess branches can be cut off

Step 6: assemble the pergola – Secure the side frames with larger nails and place the gables on top. Then take a step back to see if everything fits and the pergola is square.

Step 7: Place in battens in the middle of the top of the pergola

Rustic Wood Pergola Build Ideas

The roof battens serve as support and are fixed to both gables. You could add which lamellae.

Step 8: Install corner brackets on the front and back so that both are parallel and the Wooden pergola stands upright.

Step 9: For extra support, you can place long metal stakes next to the pergola and use extra wire to secure the legs of the pergola. Tip: Extend the life of the rustic pergola by spraying it with a mixture of 2 parts linseed oil and 1 part turpentine. Use a pump sprayer and clean the tip when done.

The wooden pergola from Bim Willow 

Bim Willow pergola design DIY

Wooden pergola with interesting decoration

Entrance pergola wood