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Build a nice wooden garden house yourself – 17 functional ideas

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Who doesn’t love small garden sheds? Such a pretty one Wooden garden shed, looking into the colorful, lush garden has something magical about it, especially if the design has been given as much attention as your house itself. Here we have a few gardens with pretty, innovative and stylish garden houses for you that you will be inspired by can. Some of the sheds and garden houses are traditional, while others have been redesigned and are more innovative. You will be amazed at the examples. Have fun browsing!

Romantic,  pretty wooden garden shed

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To start with, we have a few traditional designs. They are typical of garden houses and exactly what you imagine when you think of a cozy place to retreat to in the garden. The first is a pretty one Wooden garden shed, which is used to raise seedlings and orchids. The walls with large windows, the sloping roof with shingles and the climbing roses, which give the house a romantic accent, are striking.

Beautiful wooden garden shed surrounded by lush plants

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The second Wooden garden shed is used to stow children’s toys. It is also used as a changing room when the nearby hot tub is used. Take a look at the garden house from other perspectives:

Just like the design of the summer house, the landscape and the area that surrounds it is also important. In this case, the cottage has a small, raised terrace that connects it to the homeowner’s boat dock.

Just as striking are the many lush plants that surround the garden house and the two large flower pots next to the front door. This makes it even more inviting.

Nice garden shed with gable roof

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Many sheds and summer houses are designed to be in the shape of an ordinary house. This is also the case with the following garden shed. It is gray in color and has white window and door frames. Also note the variety of plants that surround the house.

Wooden garden shed houses all useful tools

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A pretty wooden garden shed  as an innovative area to retreat to

Garden shed cool design beautiful wall decoration ideas

Garden house garden arbor seating area wood terrace

The next two garden houses have a design that is not so typical, but innovative. The first was once a neglected shed that was under renovation and remodeling Wooden garden shed and became a cozy feel-good place. Interesting in this example are the pretty flower boxes that adorn the windows and frame the terrace, as well as the small, integrated flowerbed. The color yellow was chosen as an accent. On the terrace there is even a modern seating area with colorful chairs, a red, antique-shaped wicker table and of course plants.

Modern and rustic in one design

Garden shed untreated wood self-built cool monopitch roof

Garden shed opens landscape wood blinds privacy screen

The next is a pretty one Garden shed wooden after the design by Alex Wyndham. It is made from the bark of American redwood and combines rustic with modern design. Its dimensions are 2.1 x 2.7 meters. What is particularly interesting here is that the roof is covered with coastal grass and natural wildflowers.

Three of the four walls can also be opened so that the garden house can be ventilated generously on warm evenings. It is ideal as a guest room and as an area to relax.

A haven for the garden

Garden shed concrete wooden roof ideas yoga studio garden

The last two variants of garden houses are particularly original and atypical. They aim for specific purposes that will surprise you. The first is a pretty one Wooden garden shed, which serves as a yoga studio. The modern design reflects the state of mind of yoga lovers.

Pretty wooden garden shed

Set up Mediterranean style pool house ideas design garden

A pretty one Wooden garden shed can also represent a pool house as in the following case. It is part of an elegant, traditional residence and is located in the beautifully landscaped garden. It is surrounded by flower pots and a lush landscape. Inside you feel just as comfortable as in the living room and it offers a great view of the pool.

pretty garden shed can be used for many purposes. It can represent a guest room, offer a great view of the rest of the garden, or be a place to give your green thumb free rein.

Wooden garden shed climbing plants roses pink color

Wooden garden shed blue color design ideas

blue garden house build yourself wood design ideas

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