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Bioclimatic aluminum patio covers from Biossun

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The bioclimatic architecture is an increasing trend with high sustainable standards. The innovative design enables energy savings and the use of natural light. It strives for harmony between nature and the built environment and creates a balance between living space, residents and optimal climatic conditions. To meet every need of customers, created the brand Biossun ultra-modern bioclimatic patio covers made of aluminum with lamellas on the top. Thanks to the innovative structure, the sun’s rays and natural air circulation can be optimally used and humidity and temperature can be individually controlled.

Bio-climatic terraces from Biossun

Bioclimatic terrace roofing-Biossun aluminum glazed front

Living in harmony with one’s surroundings is a real luxury these days. Natural air conditioning without the greenhouse effect is a dream garden. The bioclimatic terraces Biossun can be adapted to any style of living. With its unique concept, the roof regulates the temperature of your terrace and your house in a natural way.

Biossun’s bioclimatic patio coverings ensure privacy

Bio-climatic terraces Biossun aluminum adjustable louvred roof

Regardless of the current weather conditions, the terrace is permanently available inside. The built-in protective device protects against the sun and storms and remains nice and stable, even in a strong wind. The integrated drainage system enables rainwater to be recovered.

Ecological solution for your own terrace

Passive air conditioning - without the greenhouse effect - bioclimatic patio roofs

Slats that can be adjusted via a motor drive, mounted in a profile frame, can be adjusted by 176 ° in order to follow the course of the sun. So you can decide for yourself whether you want to sit in the sun or not. When it rains, the slats close manually or automatically via the weather station. When closed, the roof is also completely waterproof. The structure can be easily cleaned with clear water. The standard version made of aluminum is available in 400 different colors.

Optimal heating and ventilation

garden sun protection ecological solution - motorized adjustable slats

Sun sails, LED bar lights, designer planters create an ambience according to personal taste.

System for shading the outside area 

garden structure made of lacquered aluminum louvre roof neon beam lights

This system with posts frees you from the technical difficulties of anchoring.

100% eco-friendly design

Patio roof with lamellar controllable top LED lighting system

Aluminum pergola with adjustable slats

Patio roof slats I closed, fully watertight, automatically or manually opened, closed

The slats can be opened and closed with a remote control

bioclimatic architecture trend sustainable terrace roofing Biossun

Free-standing patio roof with slats on the top

Biossun bioclimatic terrace roofing aluminum slats-adjustable automatically

Bioclimatic pergola merges the border between inside and outside

Modern lamellar roofing-terrace protection-integrated drainage system-recovery-rainwater

An expandable and customizable design

Biossun-built-in protector-aluminum Led bar lights

Sun protection system, painted in any color

Garden pergola aluminum slats via remote control-controllable-environmentally friendly

Built-in aluminum sun protection device

Canopy sun protection roof Bioclimatic biossun privacy sun protection system

 Terrace coverings made in France

Orientable slats-led beam lights-Biossun terrace roofing