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Aluminum garden pavilion with a modular structure

Garden-terrace-pool-garden pavilion-design-paola-lenti-modular

The playful aluminum garden pavilion, a design by m-ar by Renato J. Morganti for the Italian furniture company Paola Lenti, was presented at the Salone del Mobile 2013 in Milan. The combination of functionality and attractive appearance made it one of the highlights at the furniture fair. It didn’t take long until one could look forward to the first international award – namely the Good design award 2013 in the category “Environment”.

Open aluminum garden pavilion by Paola Lenti

Attachable-shadow structure-system-hexagonal roof carrier side panels

The aluminum garden pavilion is a system that consists of simple modular add-on parts and can be extended endlessly. The shadow structure with a hexagonal roof and sturdy carrier side panels can be attached to hard surfaces as well as installed with a base and ballast on soft ground.

Contemporary aluminum garden pavilion protects privacy


The add-on parts of the modern shadow structure can be put together using polyurethane and steel joints and are either covered in polyester fabric or in Thuia, an exclusive fabric for outdoor areas by Paola Lenti, which allows quick removal if necessary.

The aluminum pavilion Renato J. Morganti


Aluminum garden pavilion in a modern design


An open aluminum pavilion gives the terrace a contemporary look

Attachments-shadow structure-Renato-J-Morganti-hexagonal roof

Stable construction with light weight

Design-garden-terrace-pool-garden pavilions-seating area-green-wicker armchairs

Designer patio roof


Functionality and a modern look