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A modern wooden garden shed for garden tools and a sitting area in the countryside

Garden shed for garden tools walden by moormann

The modern one Garden shed for garden tools “Walden ”by Nils Holger Moorman presents an astonishing design and embodies the concept for a life in harmony with nature. This garden installation is so multifunctional, compact and cozy that you would always spend your time outside.

compact wooden garden shed for garden tools

Garden shed for devices modern design moormann

The innovative Garden shed for garden tools “Walden” was inspired by an American story – “Walden. Or, Life in the woods ”by Henry D. Thoreau. “I moved to the forest because I wanted to live my life with reason. Closer to real life and to see what nature has to teach me ”. This is what the writer wrote in his book in 1854.

Garden shed for garden tools from Moormann

Garden shed for garden tools wooden construction compact

With a width of just 1.10 meters, height 3.86 m and length 6.5 meters, the tool shed resembles a matchbox, but claustrophobia is something that residents shouldn’t suffer. That send  Garden shed for garden tools has a swing-out fire bowl, a high seat for four people, space for a bird house and storage space for various other garden tools such as shovel, rake, garden hose and wheelbarrow. The dream for every gardener who likes to have everything in order. The seating area offers just enough space for a cozy dinner for four people under the starry sky.

cozy sitting area

Garden shed for garden tools outdoor seating area reading dinner

On the whole, “Walden” offers a lot of space for things that we associate with garden and outdoor areas, but in a compact form. Bird feeder and tit balls, flower pot and watering can, barbecue utensils and picnic table. Actually, why do you want to go back in the house?

Storage space for garden tools

garden shed wood moormann garden tools storage space

 At the roof

Garden house observatory romantikort Walden Nils Holger Moormann