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21 ideas for pergola in the garden – functional designs for the terrace

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One Pergola in the garden has many advantages – it is easy to build yourself and offers numerous design options – it can bring a refreshing coolness and be covered with an awning, or be used as decoration and become a real highlight in your garden. Pergolas are particularly effective where there is a floor covering – garden paths, patio areas or terraces with wooden floors are just a few examples. This simple structure gives the opportunity to set up a seat that is fresh and inviting thanks to colored flowers and plants. We have 21 ideas for you Pergola in the garden summarized that include functional and practical designs for any garden or patio.

Pergola in the garden – organize a cozy seating area

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The first step in building a pergola is to find the optimal location for it. Ideally, the roofing should be set up in a place that has a level surface. The pergola can therefore cover the entire terrace or just a small part of it, stand free in the courtyard or bridge the garden entrance to the front door. As a rule, no building permit is required for a pergola because it does not have a permanent roof. Of course, the necessary distance to the neighboring property must be maintained.

The choice of material


If you want to build a pergola, you have different options. Most pergolas are made of wood. Others combine wood with a frame made of steel or aluminum. The building materials must be weatherproof and stable. Which variant you choose ultimately remains a question of personal taste and the style of the house. The decision of course also depends on the budget. After all, the pergola should go well with the house.

pergola-wood-posts-terrace-dining area

Weather resistance and maintenance requirements vary depending on the wood used. Spruce and pine are good for building a pergola, but can be attacked by pests such as woodworms. If the wood is in direct contact with the ground or in a damp location, it is at risk of rot. Larch is significantly more expensive than spruce, but has a high load-bearing capacity, which makes this type of wood particularly recommended for load-bearing elements. Oak wood is ideal for outdoor use even without impregnation. Do some research on the properties of the different types of wood and the maintenance they need on a regular basis.

Constructions made of metal are much more durable than wooden pergolas. They are extremely stable and much lighter. A metal pergola does not need regular maintenance, but it always needs rust protection.

pergola-wood-dining area-slats

Once you have decided on the materials, you can start building. A good foundation is the be-all and end-all: the piles must be securely anchored in the ground. After all, you want to end up with a sturdy pergola. In the case of wooden structures, it is important that the posts are above the ground. When it comes into contact with the ground, the wood quickly begins to rot. The posts are best placed on post anchors made of metal, which are set in concrete or driven into the ground.


As soon as the foundation is ready, the roofing is put on the piles. Although it is by definition a semi-open structure at the top, many builders opt for a permanent roof so that the pergola can also be used in light rain. Here, too, there are a number of different options with regard to the possible materials. They all have certain advantages and disadvantages.

Green pergola

pergola-wood-white-tub-climbing plants

If desired, the pergola can also be easily expanded with, for example, a privacy screen or additional trellises and climbing elements. The most popular decorative element remains climbing plants, which transform the scaffolding into a green paradise. Classics are grapevines, climbing roses, wisteria and knotweed. The flowering climbing plants are pleasing to the eye and give off a pleasant scent.

Pergola in the garden with privacy screen

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If you have a Pergola in the garden building in the immediate vicinity of the house, you will always be able to enjoy a place of rest. So that nothing disturbs you, you can shield the pergola with awnings, or secure the privacy with a construction made of wood and climbing plants. This looks modern and is a nice contrast to the classic columns.

Pergola in the garden – idea for terrace design

garden pergola arch design fireplace seating area shutters

If you would like to spend your free time with friends, you can build a pergola on the terrace in the middle of the garden. The beautiful curves of the design of this arched pergola are eye-catching, and a small wooden fence frames the whole construction.

Modern variants for the pergola

pergola in the garden wooden slats modern design stone tiles joints grass benches

If you want, you can design the pergola in a more modern style. For this purpose, for example, strips can be used instead of wooden beams. The curved shape of the pergola is very attractive, while the built-in benches ensure comfort.

Pergola in the garden – space-saving variant

Allotment garden set up canopy porch

Anyone who thinks that pergolas are only suitable for large gardens is mistaken. On the contrary – the diversity of this construction is ideal for allotments and can serve as an accent. Thanks to the small pergola, the whole structure looks perfect.

High pergola in the garden above the gravel path

Setting up allotment garden fence

If you have a Pergola in the garden want to build, think about the height, length, and width you need. For example, a high pergola is perfect for a small garden and casts shade on the pebble path.

Pergola with climbing plants

Climbing plants sun protection ideas

If you want to create a visual connection with the surroundings, you can decorate the pergola with climbing plants. Bunch of grapes creates a dramatic effect over the dining area.

Pergola has a Mediterranean flavor and comes from Italy. The traditional one Pergola in the garden is covered with grapes. It is a romantic, charming area that has great appeal.

Inexpensive design and interesting structure

Design cheap wooden construction in the garden

Even a simple structure can freshen up and add an accent to the garden. The diverse forms and functions that it can perform help to create a cozy outdoor area that costs significantly less than a gazebo.

Stable pergola legs

Support legs garden design fireplace

The legs of the Pergola in the garden are often attached to concrete slabs. Sometimes they are simply buried in the ground, but this should only be done with wooden pergolas. This is a simple solution for small and light gazebos, but larger ones need solid support. The example in the photo has combined wooden beams with brick supports that are in keeping with the rustic fireplace.

Freestanding pergola

Garden design pond wooden pergola natural stones

A great advantage of free-standing structures over pergola that is attached to the house is flexibility – you can choose the best place for your gazebo and not have the limitation of considering the available space in front of the house.

Pergola in the garden with an open ceiling

Terrace design garden furniture

Even free-standing pergolas don’t have to form an entire canopy, sometimes less is more. The feeling of perfection and cosiness also arises with an open construction.

Private patio

Wood carving colorful plants

Woodcut Pergola in the garden  makes a great impression and secures privacy in front of the patio area. It looks private and inviting at the same time, and creates a romantic atmosphere in the garden.

Pergola in the garden mimics a ship

Gazebo pond design ideas awning

One of the best designs – this gazebo looks like it is floating on water. It’s the best possible spot to rest and watch the water and wildlife.

Pergola as a connection between house and house extension

Build house extension white protective roof yourself

Gazebo can perfectly seamlessly combine old and new architecture. Here the classic pergola masters the task of connecting the old and new parts of a building in the colonial style. The arcade welcomes all guests and works as a stylish addition to the architecture.

Pergola as a garden entrance

Design a pergola for a house entrance

Create a garden entrance with the help of a pergola. The gray color of the construction marks and optically separates the garden from the house path.

Gazebo awning sun protection

Set up a pergola protective roof

Gazebo build design

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