Patio area

The Mood gas fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere in the garden

the-mood-modern-frameless-gas-fireplace-design-in-stainless steel

The fireplace has long since become a piece of lifestyle furniture. A comfortably designed seating area with a fireplace and everything else that goes with it is a dream for many garden and terrace owners that one would like to fulfill. Modern gas fireplaces have a lot to offer.

In contrast to other fireplace alternatives, a gas fireplace not only offers visual enjoyment of the wonderful play of flames, but is in no way inferior to a wood-burning fireplace in terms of heating output. Meanwhile, the Gas fireplace a wide range of colors, shapes and designs. The Mood, for example, is a modern product designed for use in the garden or on the terrace that provides cozy warmth outdoors.

Free-standing gas fireplace exudes the romance of a fireplace at home


The Mood gas fireplace by DIM’ORA impresses with its simple design language and finely crafted steel surfaces with a rust effect on both sides. Due to its mobile application possibilities, it is very well suited for the terrace, but can also be placed as a tunnel model built-in fireplace. The fire burns behind the large, invisible glass lift door.

The frameless gas fireplace is available in a stainless steel version, in natural gas or propane gas, and optionally with an extension pipe.

Closed gas fireplace with flue gas discharge


Benefit not only from cozy radiant heat, but also from a modern look that you can have a lot of fun with in the garden!

The Mood double-sided patio fireplace creates a cozy atmosphere in the evenings

fireplace-the-mood-built-in fireplace-scope-garden

Free-standing or as a tunnel model for installation


Outdoor gas fireplace with rust-effect steel back wall