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The modern wooden garden bench adapts to any garden situation

garden bench made of wood, seat, stainless steel, flowers, raised bed, colorful

the Wooden garden bench has established itself as an absolute classic. The traditional free-standing version is still very popular today. The modern alternative – an attached bench in the garden / optionally with storage space or integrated flower pots / adapts perfectly to any garden situation. We offer you 25 inspiring designs that save space and look good in the small garden at the same time.

Wooden garden bench – cozy seating area for the family

wooden garden bench seat cushion coffee table fireplace modern white

If the allotment garden is shielded from strangers by a high wall or garden fence, there is the option of opening the garden with a Wooden garden bench  to border. Yes, the modern bench is very long and narrow, made entirely of wood or wood and concrete. The optimal variant is where the planter is made of concrete or brick and the garden bench is simply screwed onto it. The corner bench has another advantage – it leaves enough space for a table and even for a fireplace.

Modern wooden garden bench – care tips

garden bench made of wood floating effect stone tiles seating area couch set

the Wooden garden bench poses a particular challenge in terms of care. The bench made of exotic woods is particularly durable and needs little maintenance – it is completely sufficient if it is oiled and varnished at the beginning and at the end of summer. If the wood is left untreated, it will turn gray over several years.

Modern bench on a balcony

wooden garden bench railing idea cushion decorative dining table

Wooden seat with concrete

wooden garden bench strips concrete coffee table fireplace concrete tiles

Plan an allotment garden – the wooden garden bench creates a cozy seating area

Ideas garden bench wooden fence concrete floor covering glass

Corner bench made of concrete and wood – a space-saving alternative to rattan garden furniture

built in flowers concrete wall railing

Two garden benches with storage space and comfortable seat cushions

Storage space seat cushion green beige table oak wood

Rustic garden bench – self-built in the backyard

Succulent bed gravel flooring privacy screen ideas

Combine garden bench and trellis

Garden lawn patio flooring wooden fence

Garden bench made of wood and concrete – in harmony with the garden wall

Plants lighting concrete wall floor covering palm trees

Comfortable sitting area in front of the fireplace in the open air

Design seating area concrete wood fireplace garden bench

Garden bench in semicircular shape – space-saving design for the balcony

Seat cushions, plant pots, terraces, flooring, native woods

Garden furniture – wooden bench, rattan armchair and fire bowl

Rattan furniture Fire bowl Concrete slabs Seat cushions Climbing plants

Comfortable seating in the garden – three garden benches and a rattan sofa

Fireplace pergola gravel flooring seat cushion

Cozy wooden table and three garden benches

Lawn wooden terrace trees high privacy screen

Garden wall wooden wall upholstered furniture glass coffee table

Paving stones stainless steel furniture wooden bench concrete wall climbing plants

Concrete flower beds ground perennials wooden fence privacy screen

Raised bed gravel paving stones brick wall corner bench

Garden design ideas flooring wall allotment garden

Stripes seat cushions flower pots allotment garden flowerbed

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Concrete ground flower beds fence evergreen plants

Railing garden bench fire bowl terrace oak wood

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