Patio area

The modern Rock Garden planters spice up the outdoor area

wood deck green potted plants-flower pots rock garden

Are you looking for suitable planters that would give your outdoor area that certain “something”? Here’s a great idea: the modern planter of the Rock Garten collection, designed by Alain Gilles, are an atmospheric highlight at every location. They can be placed next to each other in a modular manner and designed according to your individual requirements.

Modern planters can be arranged in a modular way

Flower pot design use indoor and outdoor white minimalist

Garden design is child’s play and fun with Rock Garden. the modern planter underline the uniqueness of your garden and offer great design freedom. The collection is inspired by Alain Gilles from the artfully laid out rock gardens with their natural stone paths, laid with cut stones. The planters are also reminiscent of “hollowed out” stones, where flowering plants and fragrant herbs can be grown. Rock Garden planters can be placed at home or outdoors – on the patio, in the garden or as an accent on the pool deck.

Suitable planters for every location

terrace and balcony greening-with planter-white

You can design these planters imaginatively and use them as privacy screens. the modern planters of the Rock Garden collection are available in 3 sizes and several colors. It depends on your individual taste how much and which you want to combine with each other. Surprise your guests with unexpected creativity.

Modern collection of planters in different sizes

Rock-Garden Collection-combine different sizes of flower pots

Different heights

Square flower pots, different heights rock-garden collection plant pots

pentagonal flower pots design black rock garden collection

Design the planter as you wish

Modular adjustable planters kübel Design-Rock Garden-Alain Gilles

Planter idea terrace design modern with stones

Different colors for every taste

green colored flower pots different sizes design

minimalist white planter

minimalist appearance white planters - rock garden collection

Stylish black variant

stylish planter-flower pots design for terrace and balcony-black

Green stands for more naturalness

Alain Gilles-Design planter-modular dark green

Beige looks subtle and inconspicuous

terrace garden ideas-design flower pots-modular arrangement-beige colors

Orange is sunny and bright

arrange the modern rock garden orange planters as required

Planter modern turquoise-colored asymmetrical-shape

purple planters modern shape different sizes

garden design planters in red plastic form asymmetrical

Planters modern plastic modular design gray

plastic planter-green balcony terrace design