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Seat cushions for garden furniture – cheerful colors spice up the simple seating area

Pouf-garden furniture-blue-stripes-Mediterranean

How can a simple seating group be spiced up? With beautiful seat cushions in bright colors, even otherwise boring-looking garden furniture becomes real eye-catchers. We’ll show you some great ideas for seat cushions for garden furniture from the online provider Frontgate – let yourself be inspired!

 Seat cushions for garden furniture – cheerful colors and stylish motifs

Pouf-garden furniture-white-red-stripes

If the terrace is in the shade all day long, it often looks cold and uncomfortable. This can be avoided with a simple trick – accessories in bright warm colors! An excellent example of the effect of the color red can be found in the photo above. In no time at all, the simple terrace with terracotta tiles in neutral shades becomes a cheerful outdoor area where the family likes to hang out!

Seat cushions for garden furniture – azure blue brings a romantic touch from the Mediterranean

Cushions-garden furniture-seating group-flower motifs

The blue color is simply the perfect choice for a sunny south-facing terrace. The blue color contrasts nicely with the dark color of the wrought iron furniture. At the same time it brings a romantic touch from the Mediterranean.

Exotic louge area on the balcony


The seating group looks exotic when it is pepped up with decorative cushions with animal patterns. The family members feel like they are on safari in Africa! Just be careful with the animal prints – don’t overdo it! It is better to equip the sofas with seat cushions in a neutral color / sand color or beige /, and only decorate the ottoman and armchair with seat cushions with leopard motifs.

Flowers on the terrace – seat cushions with floral motifs

Seat cushions-garden furniture-garden seating group-decorative cushions

A secluded English garden with hedge plants around the terrace – that’s what every hobby gardener wants. The seat cushions with cheerful floral motifs add to the design concept and create a seamless connection between the terrace and the garden.

Design a terrace in a beach look

Seat cushions-garden furniture-strong-colors-classic-seating group

Coral and azure blue form a delightful ensemble – this color duo is sure to bring to mind your last beach vacation. The beautiful lanterns complete the beach look of the terrace. The summer can come!

Arrange comfortable seating at the pool edge


A beautiful maritime color scheme – dark blue and white welcomes your guests. The color of the seat cushions creates a seamless transition from the terrace to the adjacent pool.

You can find more interesting ideas for color combinations in the photo gallery below.

Seat cushions for garden furniture – combine blue, white and red

Cushions-garden furniture-plant motifs-decorate-ideas

Orange seat cushions create a charming contrast to the white garden furniture

Cushions-garden furniture-coral color-terrace-decorate

Pouffe-garden furniture-light yellow-pouffe-ideas

Pouf-garden furniture-light blue-white-stripes

Cushions-garden furniture-garden design

Seat cushions-garden furniture-chair cushions-pom-poms

Pouf-garden furniture-black-white-stripes

Seat cushions-garden furniture-maritime-flair-chair cushions

Pouf-garden furniture-grass green-dark-metal-color-chairs

Seat cushions-garden furniture-exotic-oriental-motifs

Pouf-garden furniture-exotic-motifs-stool

Seat cushion-garden furniture-oak wood-seating group-green-upholstery

Seat cushions-garden furniture-colorful-decorative cushions-nature motifs

Seat cushions-garden furniture-chair cushions-lounge furniture