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Play ideas for toddlers – build your own water slide in the garden


We’ll show you a creative idea that will ensure the ultimate fun outdoors – build one yourself Water slide in the garden and bring joy to the children!

Water slide in the garden – prepare the terrain

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Before you get to work, choose a suitable location for the Water slide in the garden. Do not forget the right sun protection – sun sails, parasols or simply a tree can cast shadows and thus protect children’s sensitive skin from sunburn. Check the lawn and remove any stones and sharp objects that could injure the children. The finished slide is filled with water, so you need quick access to the water hose.

  Build a water slide in the garden yourself – quick instructions

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You will need the following materials for this creative Water slide in the garden – Foil from the hardware store / for example pond liner /, iron, water spray flowers or sprinklers, scissors, adhesive tape. Simply cut out the foil, fold the foil together and weld the three ends together with the iron. Leave only a small opening for the garden hose. Now only one thing remains – fill the “slide” with water and then tape the opening with tape. The end result is something that resembles a waterbed. This creative slide is soft and is sure to make for many pleasant hours outdoors.

Fun in the summer with a homemade water slide in the garden

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Playing in the water for toddlers with a water slide in the garden

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Water slide in the garden – a creative idea to do it yourself

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Sun protection plays a crucial role

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The handicraft instructions – just cut a rectangle out of foil

Build a water slide yourself Instructions cut out the foil

Then weld the ends with an iron

Welding together handicraft instructions garden slide with water

Leave only a small opening for the garden hose

Iron make waterproof stick on ideas water slide

Fill the foil with water, then tape the opening together

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This will create a peculiar water bed

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Be careful to remove any stones near the slide in advance

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