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Plant pots made of metal for outdoor use – flower pots made of galvanized sheet metal

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Metal planters, as well as galvanized flower pots, can give your garden area a rustic and industrial style without making it look old-fashioned. Galvanized water troughs bring a clean touch to terraces, plantations, fountains or ponds. Just as farmhouses stroll into town, metal planters generally follow suit. These water and feeding troughs find surprising uses in all types of landscapes and gardens, as you will see in this post.

Metal planters for imaginative garden design

Planters metal galvanized flower pots farmhouse hut garden design flowers stylish rustic look

In front of this small house with a red roof and white floorboards, there are galvanized flower pots, which act as the focal point of the small front garden. The garden is designed in such a way that the short round-bottomed flasks, planted with brightly colored flowers, add to the agricultural look.

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Most importantly, in order to use storage tanks as planters, it is important to drill holes in the ground for drainage. After drilling, you can cover the corresponding metal planter yourself with a protective layer to prevent later rust formation. After such treatment, the tanks should be able to last for many years.

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Galvanized round bottom storage containers are typically slightly larger and approximately 1 to 2 meters in diameter. Feed troughs for cattle and horses are about half a meter high, while those for sheep are lower. Also note that the sizes given may be approximate, as some manufacturers do not produce their products as standard. If you lift a metal planter on legs with legs, drainage can improve drainage. In addition, such a positioning makes it easier to care for the pelvis without having to strain your back.

Metal plant pots as privacy screens

Flower pots galvanized sheet bamboo upright keep privacy protection building hide

You can use these storage containers to keep a strong plant such as bamboo upright. So you can possibly hide the neighboring building in order to provide better privacy in the inner courtyard. However, keep in mind that the bamboo in the pot usually only reaches about half of its maximum height. If you are planting this in a trough, it is best to use an old carpet or other lining to isolate the roots.

exterior design planters metal fence cover brick walls retro style rustic modern light chains garden paths

This converted outdoor area brings a courtyard to life with a refined industrial aesthetic. Galvanized metal planters keep the aggressively growing winter horsetail within limits and partially shield the fence.

Raised vegetable patch or flower pot with metal planter

raised vegetable patch outdoors planters gardening food downtown

The plants feel at home on this roof in the city center. The residents did an excellent job of gardening by planting the containers in the 200 square meter room with edibles such as herbs, vegetables, beets, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower and tomatoes. The pot irrigation is installed through the existing drainage or a customer-specific drilled hole.

plants stand frame adobe blocks red wood trio galvanized container window lava stone black contrast

A stand made of adobe and redwood raises a trio of troughs so that the plants contained in them can be seen from inside the house. The black lava rock in the foreground also creates a nice contrast. Since storage tanks are designed to hold water, they are suitable as water elements in the landscape.

Use galvanized flower pots for other purposes

wall fountain water feature basin tub wood paneling stairs lawn trees

You can also equip a more elaborate wall fountain with a metal planter as a basin for the water. The tank in this example is installed with wood paneling. The whole thing offers an elegant look as an addition to the garden. Another variant is this ground-mounted fireplace, which consists of a storage container.

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The container has a hole for the gas pipe and another hole in the floor for drainage. You can buy a kit for the burner or make it yourself. The fireplace adapts from a low flame for ambience to a higher one for warmth and is set on crushed river stones. The metal chairs go well with the garage-like doors of this industrial-style fire brigade terrace with siding.

beverage cooler cooling basin beers ice cream garden party accessories planter made of metal galvanized

An even more interesting and practical option is to use the metal planter as a cooling basin for drinks. A small storage tank or a large tub filled with ice gives the party the charm of a farmhouse.