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Paravent for the garden – 15 ideas for a movable privacy screen

Paravent for garden wood-wooden strips-effective-privacy-protection-pool area

If you want to maintain your privacy in your own garden or patio area, then this is a Garden screen the easiest and cheapest decision for you. In addition, paravents not only provide privacy, but can also serve as decoration and beautify the outdoor area. In the following, we will give you ideas and tips that illustrate the different options for materials and designs of the screen. Think about which material is best suited for your needs and create a practical decoration in your outdoor area that makes your terrace look much more homely.

Paravent for garden made of wooden elements

Paravent for garden wooden elements-lounge chair-stool-relaxation

A paravent for the garden should be significantly more resistant and robust compared to the room divider in the apartment. Outside, weather conditions such as wind and rain must be observed, so you should choose a suitable material that is weatherproof. One possibility would be to opt for a wooden screen. Elements made of solid wood, attached with stainless steel joints, create a movable screen that can be set up in a wavy or straight manner as required. It also has a nice look that combines perfectly with wooden garden furniture.

Patio area with a modern garden screen

Paravent for garden movable-wood-patio-area-garden furniture-carpet

The screen is usually a two- to five-part, foldable construction that stands free and can be moved. So you can use it for different purposes as needed. For example, you can protect your patio area from the prying eyes of your neighbors. Even if the selected model is not completely opaque, it offers sufficient privacy protection. The folding function in turn makes it possible to adapt the shape of the element to your seating area and also to find a stable stand.

Paravent also offers wind and sun protection

Paravent for garden wood-patio-area-privacy-shutters-rocking-chairs-plants

Depending on its design, a garden screen can also provide protection from the sun and side winds. Of course we are not talking about complete protection, but the mobility of the screen allows it to be adapted to the weather conditions at every single moment. It doesn’t always have to be the expensive designer model. Simple shutters or old cabinet doors can easily be converted into privacy screens. Its foldable feature also allows you to set it up, rotate and relocate it as you like.

Lattice-like screen made of wooden strips for the pool area

Paravent for garden pool area-shower-privacy protection-sun lounger-plants

In the immediate vicinity of many swimming pools there are outdoor showers that need a privacy screen. A wooden screen can be placed in this area, which provides more privacy. A matching design of the privacy screen unites it with the rest of the pool area and is considered part of the interior. It is advisable to leave a gap between the wood and the floor so that no moisture can accumulate there and it can dry out well. Otherwise the wood would rot over time.

Self-made screen for the garden


Would you like to decorate your fence with something creative and homemade? We have a DIY project for you that will transform old shutters into a beautiful screen. Flower vases can be attached to it or even a vertical garden can be created. Here you can see a similar variant as shown above. However, this time several shutters were used to create a longer and even more protective design.

Get shutters and tie them together – easy DIY project


You can also build a screen for the garden yourself quickly and easily. For this purpose you will need old shutters, possibly of similar colors to match your garden interior. The number of shutters depends on how many individual parts you want for the screen. Most shutters have screw holes pre-drilled, but if you don’t, you’ll need a drill to do that. You can use a strong string or wire to tie it. The screen can be put together quickly and dismantled again for storage in winter.

Paravent for garden to build yourself


The shutters look nice and can be decorated as you like. The finished screen can also be used to hide impurities or protruding cables around the house. The outdoor area is automatically given a rustic and romantic look that not only you will fall in love with immediately. Leave it in the original color for shabby-chic flair or paint your new garden element from scratch.

Decorative screen made of doors

Paravent-garden-do-it-yourself-doors-planters-hanging pots-flowers-patio

This decorative screen for the garden is still an idea to build yourself. It consists of doors that are hinged together. You can also attach elegant shelf brackets to the doors and hang pots on them. With a few planters on the floor, you can create a beautiful corner with flowers in the garden or on the terrace. With this stable idea, you not only protect yourself from glances and the low late afternoon sun, which is annoying to look out from under the roof, but also create wind protection at the same time, which can be a nuisance, especially in spring and autumn, despite the sun.

Small wooden screen for the garden 


Whether you want to divide a small area in the garden or just want some additional protection for the most sensitive plants does not matter, because such a square screen can do the job. It is made of cedar wood and creates a nice contrast when placed in close proximity to colorful flowers and plants. In summer it can be used for another purpose, but when it suddenly becomes cooler and draftier in autumn, some plants will be happy about this protection.

Paint the garden screen for an individual design


If you have a talent for painting, you can leave a personal mark in the garden by painting the privacy screen yourself. Be creative, choose any motif and create a unique design. The project can also be carried out with children who could certainly add something interesting to the picture. Paint landscapes, flowers, animals, or whatever else you want.

Paravent made of polyrattan – opaque and with a beautiful look

Paravent-garden-three-part-rattan-patio-area-complete-privacy protection

This patio area has a complete privacy screen, which is reached with three three-part screens made of polyrattan. This idea is suitable for apartments that share a common garden with the neighbors, or for terraced houses. This type of privacy screen does not take up a lot of space and creates a nice look without appearing as bulky and unsympathetic as some walls.

Advantages and disadvantages of rattan screens


Rattan is a natural product that is often used to make screens. It is light but very stable and just as opaque. The untreated rattan is not completely weatherproof, which is a disadvantage of the material. When it rains, the rattan screen should be covered with a protective cover or kept in a dry place. Another option would be to put it in a covered area. There is also artificial rattan, which is more weatherproof than its natural competitor and is therefore often preferred. The artificial material is easy to care for and looks just as attractive.

Metal paravent for the garden – a modern addition to the outdoor area

screen-garden-metal-laser-cut-modern-movable-privacy screen

Laser-cut metal screens have recently been used as elegant privacy screens. The unlimited possibilities for motifs give you the freedom to choose the right one for your own garden from a wide range of models. Whether simple designs for modern garden design or elaborate and ornate patterns for oriental flair, there are basically no limits. You are also welcome to look for a manufacturer who produces individual motifs at the customer’s request, so that you can enjoy a unique design.

Metal screen with an elegant design

Screen-garden-metal-laser-cut-lace-motif-white-wooden bench

This three-part metal screen is ideal for indoor and outdoor use, as the model is free-standing, mobile and weatherproof. The elegant design is achieved by a motif that is reminiscent of a point. It is important that you choose a rust-free material or at least do not put the privacy screen in the rain and bring it inside in bad weather. What is wrong with taking the indoor screen out onto the terrace for a few hours? In bad weather, it can then comfortably decorate the interior again.

Corten steel screen with motif


For gardens in a rustic style, a Corten steel screen is the best decision. The metal has a nice rust look that is reminiscent of nature. Furthermore, you can find or order screens made of Corten steel with any motif. The specially manufactured layer prevents the metal from rusting any further, so that the garden decoration can be used for many years. A wide variety of motifs and patterns are also offered here. You can also combine it with other patina decorations for the garden and terrace.

Trellis made of metal – a decorative screen


At first glance, this garden screen does not offer a privacy screen, but it serves as a nice decoration. It has the shape of a trellis with plant motifs, which has two stands for plant pots and looks stylish on a flower bed. If you plant beautiful and fast-growing climbing plants, you will soon receive perfect and natural-looking protection from prying eyes. The design looks noble and romantic.

Garden screen made of wood and fabric

screen-garden-modern-wood-batyline-fabric-stainless steel-hinge

Paravents can also be made from fabric. They usually have a wooden frame or a metal frame in order to be stable and firm. The garden screen shown is made of teak and Batyline fabric and allows several panels to be assembled using the stainless steel hinges. Teak is a very good type of wood for outdoor use, because with ordinary care, as is necessary for every type of wood, the material will last a lifetime and even longer. Fabric screen models that are intended for outdoor use should also be equipped with a weatherproof fabric. So check that out before you buy.

Privacy and sun protection with a fabric screen

Paravent-garden-canvas-fabric-opaque-privacy-protection-sun protection

The fabric screen provides shade to the side where you need it. If you have a garden that is illuminated by the sun from several sides, then such a screen can be used and protect you from it. This is an advantage if you want to enjoy your coffee or a snack on the terrace. The practical thing is that this type of privacy screen is very light and can therefore be easily and conveniently moved in order to follow the natural course of the sun.

Painted screen with different designs

Paravent-garden-plastic-painted-individually-design-privacy protection

For art lovers, we recommend elegant screens with a curved top and creatively painted canvases. They can be used as a room divider at home in the sunny days in the garden and in winter. For painting, it is best to use colors that also match your garden furniture and decorations on the terrace, so that a harmonious design and atmosphere is created.