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Outdoor table for dining in the garden – 16 top branded products

Outdoor table -garden-table-design-inout33-ceramic-table-legs-wood-top

To create a really comfortable outdoor area, to spend sociable moments with friends or simply to dine in the open air, is undoubtedly a sensible one Outdoor table  the most important requirement. However, it should meet several requirements – be functional, large enough, weatherproof, easy to care for and of course please the eye with an exclusive design. Here you will find a wonderful selection of 16 garden table designs from leading manufacturers across Europe.

Outdoor table – an outdoor dining area

Outdoor table -garden-table-design-inout33-wood-plate-blue-feet

The garden table ‘Inout 33’ by the Italian manufacturer Gervasoni is definitely a special piece of furniture that is characterized by an extraordinary combination of materials. The rectangular table top is made of teak, the table legs are handmade from enamelled ceramic and the useful stability ensures a sustainable steel construction.

Outdoor table – 16 designs from leading garden furniture manufacturers

Outdoor table-garden table-design-inout33-extravagant-exclusive

The exclusive table would certainly find a place in the interior and can be wonderfully adapted to the surrounding interior and design, thanks to the color selection of enamel – white, anthracite gray or blue. Veneers in walnut, teak or colored optics are available as options and only for indoor use.

Outdoor table ‘Allux’ by Mamagreen


The rectangular garden table, which looks ordinary at first glance, is the work of designers Vincent Cantaert and Barbara Widlingtias for Allux, Italy. It is available in a variant with a rectangular or square shape – 239 x 100 cm and 100 x 100 cm. The table is made entirely of aluminum and has an easy-care glass top.

Integrated colored elements can be easily combined with the rest of the furniture


A very imaginative idea, as the Allux designers have demonstrated, is to put colored paper or thin tablecloths or table runners under the glass top of a table. With little effort, the table top can be redesigned and thus perfectly combined with the rest of the furniture. Fabric or paper in the same color or with similar motifs as the upholstery of the furniture will create a connection between the furnishing elements.

Outdoor table ‘Flair’ by Atmosphera H2out

outdoor-table-garden table-design flair-rectangular-white-terrace

‘Flair’ is a typical rectangular table for outdoor use. It consists of powder-coated galvanized steel and is available in both rectangular and round versions. Thanks to the durable coating and the robust material, the table is particularly easy to care for, robust and durable against external influences.

Outdoor table ‘Pier’ by RODA, Italy


‘Pier’ is a collection of outdoor teak furniture designed by the designer Rodolfo Dordoni for the Italian manufacturer RODA, which combines modern design with traditional furniture construction. The set looks very simple and reduced to the function that each piece of furniture should fulfill.

Teak garden table with a Mediterranean character

outdoor-table-garden-table-design-pier-wooden table

The collection is characterized by its typical Mediterranean character and classic design. The garden table, bench and chairs have a rectangular shape, with reinforced legs made exclusively from teak. It is available in four sizes from 170 cm.

Practical, rectangular dining table for the garden

outdoor-table-garden-table-design-rectangular-pier-wooden table

Outdoor table ‘Rough’ by NORR11, Germany


If you have laid wooden floorboards in the garden or on the terrace, there is perhaps no other piece of furniture that would go better with it than the rectangular garden table ‘Raugh’ from the German manufacturer NORR11. It is very solidly built, with a table top made from a whole piece of wood, from a tree trunk.

Solid garden table with a natural look


The table top made of tree trunk is 8 cm thick and the natural look with the wood grain and processing traces is intentionally left untreated as it is. The wood is only impregnated and characterizes the natural shape of the tree trunk. Each table is formed from a different piece of wood, which is why this can vary in size and size.

Outdoor table from Image’n, France


The garden table by the creative design studio ‘Image’ in ‘, France delights with its playful character. It serves as a table for dining and at the same time as a flower pot, where you can successfully grow a low-growing tree or somewhat larger plant. The table is simply called ‘Garden Table’ and is a sustainable project by Olivier Berg for Atelier So Green and Image ‘in, who specialize in the development of imaginative planters.

Feast around the tree in the garden


Ideal for the patio area, the unusual table consists of a container with a slightly conical shape in the lower area. On top of that, around the plant, a ring is designed that goes around the tree. It is wide enough to serve as a shelf and the opening in the middle allows daily care for the plant.

Outdoor table ‘Symi’ by Mediteraneo, Italy


‘Symi’ is an oval garden table from Mediterraneo, Italy made of plastic mesh. Combined with seating furniture from the collection, it is wonderfully suitable for modern garden design. 6 chairs fit around the table, making it a perfect place for sociable moments with friends and family during the warm season.

Outdoor table ‘Long Board A-Lowha’ by Lonc, Netherlands


The garden table ‘LONG BOARD A-LOWHA’ designed by Rogier Waaijer for the Dutch manufacturer Long didn’t get its name for nothing. The oval table has the typical shape of a surfboard. The table top is made of HPL (High Pressure Laminates) and is set on a stable construction made of powder-coated steel. In the middle, along the table top, a slot is made that allows liquids such as rainwater and possibly spilled beverages to drain off without problems.

Outdoor table ‘Olympia’ from Fast, Italy


The Italian manufacturer Fast is known for its functional furniture, some of which are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The ‘Olympia’ collection shapes the brand’s philosophy and is characterized by its ultra-light, but at the same time very durable construction made of aluminum.

Functional, sustainable outdoor furniture from Fast


The furniture series includes tables – large ones with an oval or round shape, and chairs with armrests. Six colors are available to choose from, which emphasize the design language of the linear furniture even more clearly. They are equally suitable for a traditional or a modern ambience.

Outdoor table ‘Flower’ by Ethimo, Italy


The furniture from the ‘Flower’ series by the Italian manufacturer Ethimo are made entirely of metal and come in a wide range of colors. This collection is very characteristic of the brand and has gained great popularity. The furniture is characterized by a user-friendly design – it is foldable, stackable and available in several cheerful colors.

Foldable and in color – furniture for practical use in the garden area


The design in metal and the colored powder coating ensure sustainable use. This furniture is often noticeable in small cafes on the pavage or terrace and is wonderfully suitable for the cramped private outdoor area, where the garden furniture has to be stored differently in winter.

Outdoor table ‘Wedge’ by Living Divani, Italy


‘Wedge’ is a designer table by Arik Levy for Living Divani, Italy. It is characterized by a rectangular, very thin table top and geometrically curved legs. Depending on the material, there is a variant for indoor and outdoor use.

Dining table equally suitable for indoor or outdoor use


The version made of aluminum with a polyurethane coating is designed for the outdoor area, while the one made of chestnut wood with a natural look or in Charocal is suitable for indoor use.

Outdoor table ‘Vertex’ by Vondom, Spain


‘Vertex’ is part of one of the last furniture collections by the designer Karim Rashid for the Spanish manufacturer Vondom. The dining table has a usually rectangular top and a very interesting table base. It has a typically geometric, three-dimensional shape and has a particularly sculptural effect. In combination with the chairs from the series, a timelessly modern living area with a preference for clear triangular structures is created.

The realm of triangular geometric structures – the ‘Vertex’ furniture series by Karim Rashid


Outdoor table ‘Boiacca’ by Kristalia, Italy


The furniture series ‘Boiacca’ designed by Lucidi Pevere for Kristalia, Italy is perfect for outdoor use. The furniture is available in limited numbers as it is handmade using specific technology. The cement used is typical for the construction industry, but not for furniture construction.

Furniture series in a minimalist style made of cement


The precise construction is made of steel and is subtly brought into the purposeful elegant shape with cement.

Outdoor table ‘T’ by Lyon Bènton, France


The table called ‘T’ by Lyon Béton is named that way for a reason. It shapes the shape of the T-letter and consists of a single piece of ultra-light concrete. Small seating furniture with the same reduced design language is also available.

Solid table made entirely of concrete

outdoor-table-garden-table-design-t-garden furniture set

Outdoor table ‘Tekura’ by Les jardins, France


‘Tekura’ is a rectangular dining table for the garden or terrace, which can, however, be successfully incorporated indoors. It is made of teak except for the panel, which is made of durable HPL.

Outdoor table ‘Ludwig’ by Richard Lampert, Germany


The use of benches is really popular outdoors and not for nothing. There are several seating options in a small space, and it is easy to protect it from rain and other things – just cover it. The German manufacturer Richard Lampert offers the outdoor furniture set ‘Ludwig’, which consists of a rectangular wooden table and two benches.

Table and benches for inside and outside


The tops are made of larch wood and the stable frame is made of powder-coated steel. The 220 centimeter long table is used in the garden area and modern interiors in industrial style.