Patio area

Outdoor lounge with sunken seating area and fireplace

outdoor lounge seating area embedded in concrete wall

A lounge in the garden is a pleasant thing. The example that we want to give you in this article is very special in its own way. the Outdoor lounge is multifunctional and brings various extras with it.

Outdoor lounge – natural materials

outdoor lounge pallet coffee table wood floor

On the one hand, the outdoor lounge is embedded in the floor. In this way, greater privacy is simulated, which accordingly also ensures more cosiness. The built-in fireplace has the same effect. This is located in a modern concrete-look wall. To the right of it and decorated with Corten steel, there is a practical storage space for the firewood. Pretty plants are planted around the seats, giving you the feeling of being connected to nature and making the free time to relax even more relaxing.

Outdoor lounge with fireplace

outdoor lounge brick wall wall wall fireplace

Entertainment is also provided in this seating area. A laser projector is used for this purpose. The associated screen is automatically extended and, if not used, retracted again. You can use the projector to watch movies or listen to music with family and friends.

Projector for entertainment in the lounge

lounge outdoor projector entertainment canopy pergola modern

Natural materials were used to design the outdoor lounge. This includes wood, brick, metals and of course the plants mentioned. The roof is a kind of pergola and consists of wooden beams covered with plexiglass. This not only protects the outdoor lounge from rain, but also allows a lot of natural sunlight to penetrate the terrace during the day.

Lounge canopy

lounge outdoor pergola design wooden beams plexiglass plants

Another accent right next to the firewood is the vertical garden. This is formed by a gabion construction that is located on a concrete platform. The modern decoration gives the lounge area the finishing touch and connects nature with the modern.

Gabions for a vertical garden

lounge outdoor vertical garden idea terrace design

Design by SVOYA Studio.