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Outdoor designer grills with a modern design highlight for the garden

Outdoor grills modern practical innovative design

From balconies to luxury pool terraces, the outdoor grills are often the highlight in summer in the garden. So why not make it part of the facility instead of disguising it as the most obvious worst? These super-cool modern ones Outdoor designer grills are compact, practical and invite you to cook as often as possible. Fold-down versions with wall mounting, bright colors, artistic details and simple designs – these Outdoor designer grills are worthy of your favorite outdoor spot.

modern outdoor designer grills – PUUUR from Barbecook

Outdoor grill puuur barbecook modern design

garden designer grills Barbecook Puuur white

PUUUR charcoal grill from Barbecook has a lid that reflects the warmth of the charcoal back onto the food. This helps in reducing some of the toxins from the grill smoke, ensuring that the meat is grilled evenly from the top and bottom.

cool outdoor designer grills – freestanding Diago grill by Focus Creations

Outdoor designer grills Diego freestanding Focus Creations

Focus Creation offers a modern, minimalist grill design. This time a free-standing version in black. The unusually shaped Diago is a real eye-catcher.

Wall-mounted grill from Focus Creations 

Designer garden rills sigmafocus wall foldable

PLEK 66 grill from Rocal

grill design plek 66 rocal wall mounting

Environmentally friendly HWood pellet grill by Bob Grillson

Designer grill Bob grillson charcoal grill Outdoor grill design bob grillson wood pellet

Plancha Outdoor Grill by Christophe Calanca

Plancha christophe Calanca outdoor grill

calanc plancha outdoor grill stainless steel wood

 Onafalos flower grill from Smartech Italia

Outdoor designer grills onfalos flower shape

ONFALOS smartech italia designer grills

colorful waltz BBQs by MOM Design

modern charcoal grills BBQ waltz MOM design colorful charcoal grill waltz from MOM

 Kinzo grill and table combination

Outdoor designer grills Kinzo grill table

Outdoor designer grills Kinzo concrete table

Outdoor designer grills kinzo table combination  Outdoor grills Kinzo picnic table