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Modern lounge furniture for enjoyable hours outdoors

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Surely you want to relax and enjoy the warm rays of the sun outside in your garden in the coming summer, right? Many people are already dreaming of it in the middle of winter. We have therefore put together some wonderful ideas for you on how you can make the most of your garden or balcony, terrace or veranda! You need modern and practical Lounge furniture! So you can move your living space outside elegantly and easily, relax in the open air and enjoy the beautiful weather there! Isn’t that a great advantage of lounge furniture? Yes, but just wait and see, there is still a lot of interesting things to discover with us! Because we want to provide you with the best possible information about lounge furniture, including its advantages and disadvantages, so that you can get the best possible bargain in your nearby specialist shop!

Lounge furniture for an elegant outdoor space


You can be absolutely certain that there is now outdoor furniture for everyone, even for all budgets! You don’t necessarily have to have a huge garden to create a cozy lounge there. One can Lounge furniture also find something for a small balcony, for example a cute sofa that fits exactly into a corner niche. Or you can’t do without an elegant garden table with two comfortable chairs, right??

Yes, you can of course choose from different styles and designs in specialist shops or online! It goes from the comfortable sun lounger to the chic garden armchair to different seating elements. These can be endlessly combined as desired. And as I said, everything ultimately depends on the area you have outdoors.

Flexibility in the design of the lounge furniture is very important

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The garden furniture sets have different designs and sizes and basically consist of several elements that can be easily combined. Let’s take a closer look at some models?

A garden set, for example, offers enough outdoor seating for a family or close circle of friends. The seat cushions are usually 6 cm thick, which means they are very comfortable. Most garden sets are made of polyrattan, the color of the polyrattan fiber is natural, brown or beige. Polyrattan looks like conventional rattan, but has significantly more advantages. It is waterproof and very easy to care for. It is also tough and UV-resistant. This makes the lounge furniture long-lasting, you can easily stand in the sun for hours without losing color depth.


Every sun lounger invites you to sunbathe in a friendly way! You can spend delightful hours outdoors on it, completely relaxed. The sun loungers also show a certain variety in style and design. Some are rectangular for one person, others have space for two, but the most interesting ones are undoubtedly the round ones! These are also in great demand and an absolute hit on the market!


When we talk about different models of lounge furniture, we cannot skip the typical and very functional 2 seater sofa. Such outdoor furniture usually has height-adjustable backrests and an additional part for the feet, so it can be used like a sun lounger. Some models have even been made more convenient – there are fold-out shelves where you can put food and drinks. We call this pure comfort!

Materials for the lounge furniture


As we have already mentioned, most lounge furniture is made from polyrattan. Why is that so, one naturally wonders. How can the outdoor furniture withstand all weather conditions? Or where should they hibernate? These are also a few important questions, the answers of which we will look for in the next few lines.

The quality of lounge furniture these days is really excellent. One of the reasons for this is the poly rattan, which has proven to be a very practical material. It is the current competition to rattan, because rattan is a natural material with an interesting weave structure. However, it is not weatherproof and must be protected from moisture. Polyrattan looks like conventional rattan, but is an artificial braiding material made of polyethylene. But it has many advantages when it comes to outdoor furniture. It is completely waterproof and easy to care for. Rattan lounge furniture cannot be overwintered outside, it is not suitable for it. For them you need to have enough space to store them during the cold months. Furniture made from high-quality poly rattan can withstand freezing temperatures and can be covered for the winter outdoors. They are tough enough.

Other materials used in lounge furniture


A frame made of powder-coated aluminum can often be seen in the outdoor furniture. That depends of course on the design, it can be an aluminum construction, but in any case it is rustproof and also weatherproof.

Lounge Furniture Woven Hollywood Swing Table Chairs Set

Matching upholstery is always part of the elegant lounge furniture to round off the perfect look. The upholstery is color coordinated with the color of the polyrattan and offers soft, comfortable seating or lying surfaces. The pillowcases are removable and can be washed by hand. But their greatest advantage is that they can withstand moisture and UV radiation. When it comes to upholstery, you have a choice of different fabrics – synthetic fiber textiles, outdoor synthetic leather and outdoor leather. All of these materials are water-repellent and dirt-repellent as well as anti-mold. This makes them resistant and increases the quality of every lounge furniture set.

Have you already decided which lounge furniture to choose for your garden??

Terrace furniture to feel good


Attractive design


Sofa set as an eye-catcher and a feel-good island

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Hammock for two people

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More ideas for terrace design




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