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Make seating in the garden modern and comfortable

Seating in the garden Ideas garden bench in Corten steel

Every hobby gardener dreams of the warm summer time – then there is the opportunity to marvel at the secluded garden with fragrant plants and wonderful flowers, to welcome birds and butterflies and to spend sociable evenings outside with friends and family. A permanent seat makes it possible – the location, the floor covering and the privacy screen play a decisive role in ensuring well-being. We’ll show you 37 ideas for modern seating in the garden as inspiration.

Seating in the garden – choose the right location

Seating in the garden concrete bench-wood support-modern

A location on the edge of the garden is ideal for seating in the garden, so that the entire garden can be admired. If your own property borders on the neighboring house, it makes sense to shield the corner with a wall or a garden fence. Plants are also crucial for wellbeing – some scented plants such as roses can attract wasps. If the garden is large, the seat should be near the house. The slope of the terrain also plays a major role – if the garden is on a slope, a garden bench can be installed at the end of the retaining wall.

Seating in the garden – what else has to be considered when designing?

Seating-in-the-garden-modern-ideas-corten steel bench

As soon as the location for the new seating area in the garden has been determined, you can start – first the area is leveled, then a suitable floor covering is laid / gravel, paving stones or wood /. The back side is screened off with a paravent / higher wooden fence or concrete wall, the furniture is arranged. If the lounge corner in the garden is planned as a permanent seat, a concrete or corten steel garden bench with a wooden attachment can be installed. A fire bowl creates a cozy atmosphere, a room fountain relaxes the senses.

Modern seats in the garden – concrete bench with wooden top 

Seating-in-the-garden-modern-with-wall-wooden garden bench

A garden with a seat quickly becomes a much-used open-air room if a cozy sitting area is available outside. Whether for a coffee break in the open air or as a nice outdoor opportunity for sociable moments with friends, an appealing and harmoniously designed outdoor area with seats is always useful. Even the smallest space outside can exude cosiness and an intimate atmosphere if its design is well thought out. Successful seating should fit harmoniously into the garden. This will eventually more or less expand the living area. In order to feel comfortable in the house, a comfortable seat and adequate protection from wind, sun and prying eyes usually contribute. A place to place drinks and other items or simply a side table provide additional comfort.

If the garden is small, the wooden fence can be planted


If you want to enjoy modern and comfortable seats in your own green area, a good surface ensures that. A wooden deck exudes cosiness and works quite well as a variation of the wooden floor inside the house. In addition, high-quality decking is almost splinter-free, so you can walk barefoot on it without hesitation. For families with children it is definitely an important pro point, because otherwise the wooden terrace can quickly become an unpleasant experience. However, only the WPC boards guarantee a splinter-free life. The material is actually based on wood, has the popular wood look, but is made in conjunction with environmentally friendly plastics and therefore does not splinter at all. In contrast to a stone terrace, a pleasant experience is guaranteed here both in the cold in the early morning and in the midday heat. For buildings with a rural character, the choice may be more on clinker or natural stone paving. On the other hand, gravel is another and very popular variant for an easy-care garden surface, but does not guarantee a stable surface for setting garden furniture or seating.

Shield modern seats in the garden from the street with a wall


If the property is large enough, several seats can be created in the garden or their place can be changed depending on the favorable weather conditions. So in spring a small table with two chairs is set up under a tree and in autumn – in a sheltered arbor. A sensible privacy screen is an advantage, especially in the city and in direct proximity to the street and neighbors. Depending on the orientation and the situation on the property, this can also be used as a source of shade. Most of the time it is especially beneficial to have a small wall close by to give off the heat. If not available, climbing elements, whether greened with climbing plants or not, serve as a charming demarcation from the neighboring property. A massive alternative is sometimes a wall or, if it is not very solid, a tightly cut hedge.

Tree as a shade provider in the garden


If you plan to seat in the garden, the floor space should offer enough space to stretch your legs comfortably and to be able to move away from the seat without having to move around. For example, the following are the minimum dimensions:

  • for two people – 2 x 2 m
  • for three people – 3 x 2 m
  • for four people – 3 x 3 m
  • for six or more people – 3.8 x 3 m

Depending on how much space is still available, you can add potted plants and accessories. Full-grown specimens of angel’s trumpets or palm trees are particularly expansive. For barbecue fans, there is then an inexpensive option to turn the free space into a barbecue area. For those who occasionally expect larger numbers of guests, a lawn around the seats might make the most sense in order to be able to expand the space there during celebrations.

Cozy seating area in the front garden – wooden garden bench with cozy plants


Each seat can either be shaped as a clearly delimited, preferably geometrically designed island, which acts as a striking structural element. Or you create smooth transitions to the environment, which appears calmer and gives you a feeling of security. In any case, several seats are a great advantage, because they enrich with different perspectives. So that you get new design ideas and inspiration, browse through the photo gallery.

 Rattan day bed and concrete bench in the secluded garden

Seating-in-the-garden-romantic-rattan-daybed-concrete bench

 Sun loungers on the wooden terrace offer a beautiful view of the garden

Seating-in-the-garden-sun-lounger-boxwood-wooden terrace

Make seating in the garden comfortable and space-saving


Seating in the garden with gravel as flooring

Seating-in-the-garden-modern-garden-bench-wood-paving stones

Seating-in-the-garden-gravel-front garden-corner-sofa-round-concrete-fire bowl


Seating-in-the-garden-gravel-bamboo-privacy protection-wooden furniture

Seating-in-the-garden-modern-garden-bench-concrete-fire bowl

Seating-in-the-garden-garden-bench-natural stone-wall



Seating-in-the-garden-pool-with-wall-privacy screen




Seating-in-the-garden-lawn-wooden terrace-garden decoration

Seating-in-the-garden-concrete-bench-wood-top fire bowl


Seating-in-the-garden-fireplace-seating group-wooden fence

Seating-in-the-garden-corner-bench-concrete-wooden terrace

Sitting area-in-the-garden-modern-garden-bench-artificial-turf-terrace



Seating-in-the-garden-corner-bench-fire-bowl-front garden

Seating-in-the-garden-concrete-bench-wood-support-garden bench


Seating-in-the-garden-garden-bench-dining area-roofing


Seating-in-the-garden-modern-fireplace-concrete bench


seats-garden-modern-bench-bricked-plant beds-wall

seats-garden-modern-sunken garden-fireplace-seats

seats-garden-modern-natural stone slabs-privacy protection-wood-bench-bricked