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Garden shower – outdoor showers ensure summer fun for young and old

garden shower solar-arkema-purple-color-pepp-pool area

The modern Garden shower plays a special role and contributes to optimal summer fun for young and old. Practical and functional, with a modern shape, the outdoor showers can offer refreshment on hot summer days.

Chic garden shower design ideas – movable or immobile?

garden shower astral pool-modern-metal-optic-pool

the Garden shower Designs can be divided into several categories. The most important difference between the models is the mobility – while some can be attached to the floor with a plug-in system, have a fairly light construction and can be moved easily, the others are more stable, are fastened to the floor by bolts and stay in the same place all summer. Which model you choose depends on the garden size and distribution.

Garden shower made of wood, stainless steel or plastic?

garden shower talenti-aluminum-white-minimalist-style-rain shower head

We have prepared a wide range of different brands for you, the garden shower Offers designs with traditional, modern or futuristic construction. If you want a shower made of wood or stainless steel, you have to expect that this construction needs a stable floor. The modern showers are often supplied with solar panels, so that no electricity connection to the house is necessary to heat the water. Designer showers are often supplied with a construction as a protective roof and stand area. Often they even have several nozzles for maximum comfort and wellness effect.

Iroko shower by D’UN JARDIN A L’AUTRE

garden shower iroko-wood-design-rustic-modern

Rust-look shower from Tender Rain


Models from Tradewinds – Cascada

Pool garden pond design ideas stand surface non-slip

Fieldshow’r – outdoor shower for the garden

chic garden shower metal immobile Tradewinds

Design by Utopio

Summer fun wellness wooden terrace modern construction

Shower quiz from Metalco

Stainless steel shower pool garden design summer fun

Atelier garden shower – chic design

Furniture summer fun idea refreshment

Extraordinary variant – shower on the floor

Floor shower wood patio design ideas

Showers from Ceadesign – multifunctional and mobile

Stone wall garden patio design ideas

Model Camilla – connected to the garden hose

Bathroom garden shower Movable space-saving

Stylish shower for several people

Stainless steel design immobile chic designer showers

Garden shower for the little ones too

Patio garden shower design idea

Khepri Atlanc shower with roof and stand

Modern garden shower design khepri atlanc

Plastic shower – Dino by Myyour

Shower compact movable plastic pool

Richmond – Cane Line shower with rattan screen

Stand space soap dish rattan stone wall screen

Model by Manutti – Italian designer showers

Modern shower wood stainless steel Manutti

Designed by Tribu

Outdoor area patio furniture reclining chairs

Vola outdoor shower – simple elegance

Vola Design ocean view summer sun

Viteo shower for outdoors for optimal summer fun

modern shape design Viteo space-saving movable variant

Sienna Manutti Collection Design Summer Sun Sea