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Garden chairs made of metal with playful wrought iron details-20 ideas

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Who could resist the playful charm of wrought iron garden furniture? We offer you 20 ideas for Garden chairs of metal, that create an atmospheric garden image.

Metal garden chairs with wrought iron decorations

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Wrought iron chairs have a special charm – they create a cozy atmosphere and give the garden character. Combined with comfortable and colorful seat cushions, they quickly become a highlight in the outdoor area. Sweet plant and flower motifs decorate the chair legs and backrests. But the iron furniture also has disadvantages. Metal gets very hot in summer – that’s why you should only design a comfortable seating area in shady places. Small children and pets should never be left unsupervised – they can fall off the chair and injure themselves in the process. The biggest advantage of the furniture is its resistance to weathering. the Garden chairs of metal easily defy rain and snow – as long as they are coated with a special paint. Wrought iron garden furniture is extremely easy to care for and often very space-saving. You can stay on the balcony even in winter.

Metal garden chairs – proper care

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Proper care is essential for the longevity of the Garden chairs of metal decisive. In summer it is enough if the chairs are wiped with a cloth twice a week. The experts recommend checking the furniture for moss and rust in the fall. Various devices are available in hardware stores that can easily remove moss, but only one thing helps against rust – sand the rust and repaint the furniture.

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