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Flower pots and planters: embellish the garden with these DIY projects!

Flower pots and planters concrete geometric succulent pattern

When indoor plants, exotic plants and annual flowers are on display outside in spring, flower pots and planters make their grand entrance. Whether in large format for the spacious terrace or hanging and space-saving on the balcony – there are numerous variants on the market for every living situation. The flower pots are not only practical, they have also developed into real design objects. But even simple plant pots can be spiced up with creativity – with these DIY projects the garden can be beautified in no time.

Flower pots and planters made of concrete add value to the front yard

flowerpots planters make concrete yourself decorate house number

Concrete pots fascinate with their clear design language, simple lines and a subtle color palette. This allows the plants and flowers to come into their own. Especially exotic palm trees, ferns and flowers can be effectively staged. Concrete offers many advantages – it can withstand heat without any problems and the buckets are extremely stable because of their weight. It can also be poured in different shapes, embossed with patterns, sanded, painted with paint and pasted on. Different mortar mixes can be used for antique or modern look. The otherwise durable material has one disadvantage – it is not frost-proof. So that no cracks form on the surface in spring, concrete pots must be overwintered in the garden shed. It is therefore not advisable to use buckets that are too heavy and large – because you have to carry them again and again.

The example shown above is made from a ready-made mortar mix. You then simply have to add water to the mixture little by little and stir well. You can use two plastic tubs of different sizes as a casting mold. Pour the soil into the larger bucket, fill the smaller one with gravel and place it in the middle of the base plate that has just been poured. Then you can pour the sides. Wait for 1-2 days before removing the mold. The planter is dry, but still not resilient. So wait 2 weeks for the concrete to harden and then you can sand down the edges and plant the flowers. For the charming ensemble in the photo you will need 6 plastic buckets, then white paint and three metal digits.

Flower pots and planters – skillfully put desert plants in the limelight

Wrap rope around flower pots and planters outside

Desert plants are real works of art of nature in miniature. So that they do not get lost on the balcony or terrace, the right flower pots and planters should be selected. You don’t have to invest in expensive flower pots – with a little imagination you can spice up even simple plastic models. Pictured above is a great example of how the right texture and color scheme can transform the garden table into a desert landscape. You will need rope and paint for the project. Optionally, you can ask in the craft shop whether you can buy rope in different colors right away. Simply wrap the rope around the plant pots and glue the ends together with a hot glue gun. complete!

Make hanging flower pots yourself

Cut out flower pots and planters hanging from a wooden board

The new seating group invites you to relax outdoors – but suddenly there is not enough space for all the flower pots on the balcony. No problem – hangers can be made from a wooden board and rope. Simply drill four holes in the wooden board, cut out a large hole for the flower pot and tie the rope together. If desired, you can coat the wooden board with lacquer / special oils or simply paint it in an accent color. The end result is fascinating with a rustic look.

Arrange the flower pots to save space

Flower pots and planters three floors make house number yourself

Welcome your guests with a splendor of flowers at the entrance – flowers on one side of the front door become a successful eye-catcher. Three flower pots arranged on top of each other create an attractive arrangement. Cheerful summer colors give the ensemble a splash of color. The plants are also skillfully combined – shade-loving ground cover below, in the middle – ornamental grass for partially shaded locations and at the top – flowers that can withstand a lot of sun.

Spice up the flower pot with nail polish

Flower pots and planters paint idea nail polish

Do you have an old flower pot that just doesn’t look attractive anymore? Give it a new, individual look with nail polish. Fill a larger container with water, choose several nail polish colors and add several drops of each nail polish to the water. Carefully draw different circular shapes with a straw and then dip the flower pot in the water. The nail polish sticks to the pot – and when it dries, it lasts a long time.

Repaint the old wooden buckets

Repaint wood for flower pots and planters

With a new coat of paint, the old wooden tubs also shine in bright summer colors – the maritime color scheme white – azure blue – dark blue makes us dream of exotic islands and distant countries. Incidentally, large old flower pots can be “hidden” in self-made wooden boxes. A cool trick even if you have several plant pots of different sizes and they just don’t go together. This saves you repotting and creates an atmospheric overall picture outdoors.

Flower pots and planters bring an exotic touch to the garden

Flower pots and planters concrete ferns outside

The red-orange-green color scheme brings an exotic touch to the garden. In Mexico and South America in particular, the so-called fire-colored terrace designs have established themselves. There the furniture is made of woods such as mahogany, a red tablecloth and orange seat cushions create a contrast to the cozy ferns, palm trees and ornamental grasses. The look can also be faked in your own outdoor area – place an orange-painted flower pot on a red stone pedestal in the middle of the flowerbed. Even small, dark niches come to the fore.

Flower pots and planters succulent pink substrate

Small but nice – succulents also come into their own thanks to color contrasts. The flower pots sprayed with gold paint and the pink substrate form the perfect background for the lush green leaves of the plants.

Whether modern, simple or romantic and playful: in the photo gallery below you will find more exciting ideas on how to spice up your old flower pots and planters. Let the suggestions inspire you.

Build a wooden box yourself and stick the house number on it

Flower pots and planters patio house number decorate idea

Decorate the simple tubs with scraps of fabric

Flower pots, planters, wrap around the terrace

The old salad spinner becomes a mini flower pot

flowerpots planters small salad spinner

The upcycling trend at a glance: old suitcase becomes a plant box

Flower pots and planters rattan basket suitcase upcycling

Small flower pots and planters: Tillandsias in shells

flowerpots planters succulent clams hanging on the terrace