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Exterior natural stone facing – great examples of practical and stylish exterior cladding

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According to most landscapers, more and more homeowners are using natural stone exterior cladding for their patios, courtyards, or garden areas. Clinker bricks look natural, symmetrical, robust, timeless and versatile. Their colors such as brown, red, beige and many others give every facade and outdoor area warmth and solidity. You can use natural stone facing indoors as a both functional and aesthetic building material in a number of ways.

Although the shape of the single brick is pretty simple, architects have come up with a variety of beautiful new ways to clad modern living spaces and exterior walls with it. In this post, we will introduce you to some interesting design ideas in which the ingenuity of this humble material prevails. An outdoor fireplace or kitchen is increasingly becoming a part of the exterior design, regardless of the size or architecture of the house.

Practical use for natural stone facing

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So that you can enjoy your new living area outdoors, it should not only be functional but also look good. You can use the natural stone facing for the exterior wall cladding and thus set attractive accents that can complement any landscape design. Stacked brick slips and facing bricks are beautiful design elements for any outdoor area, and good quality is easy to install by achieving consistent dimensions and joints.

Natural stone facing to lay outside wall cladding meadow flower pots

The building material can have a rustic or modern look that you can easily adapt to suit your desired design. And since natural stone facing is usually made of natural materials on the outside, you won’t have any problems finding a color. You can then use it to add beautiful details to your surroundings.

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Creating a beautiful decorative wall for your rock garden, in terms of enhancing its appearance, will transform your back yard into a dazzling and welcoming space. Stone exterior walls are an important addition to any garden area and provide a practical use for exterior stone facing to prevent soil erosion. You can also use it to hide unsightly things in your garden, such as trash cans or water pumps, by choosing a stylish exterior covering for them. Wall cladding also allows you to create a dynamic landscape with a cohesive ambience that fits both modern and traditional gardens. Furthermore, natural stone facing bricks are so low-maintenance that you can enjoy your preferred living space outdoors without much maintenance.

Trends and design ideas

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If you use brickwork inside or clinker bricks for the outside wall cladding, you don’t necessarily have to limit yourself to just the rooms. The multi-dimensional, honed limestones are also an impressive option for many other areas of the courtyard. The crisp pieces of stone that are used to divide the steps, benches, chimneys or for water fountains in the pool create a contemporary, yet natural design that works wonderfully outdoors.

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Such stone slabs, in principle, provide the appearance of natural stone for a fraction of the cost of natural materials. In fact, with artificial stone or clinker you can save up to half the price of ordinary masonry. This variant offers an authentic stone look and texture as well as an easy-to-install system of panels or individual pieces as accessories. The stacked natural stone facing bricks are so versatile that you can install them almost anywhere. Take a look at the examples below to complete the inspiration you need for the perfect landscaping.

Pool with water fountain – natural stone facing as decoration

Privacy fence exterior cladding swimming pool pool plants water fountain

Water features are an increasingly popular addition to many in-ground pools. With it you can simulate the noise and sound of a waterfall or achieve a calming and trendy effect at the same time. In both cases, it is advisable to give your pool a natural look so that it blends in better with the surroundings. Stone facing bricks provide an excellent option in this regard if you want to achieve the design you want.

Privacy fence exterior cladding swimming pool pool plants water fountain steps fireplace

This suggestion is about cut wall stones and modern water fillers that give a crisp, clean look. The cool silver and blue tones of the natural stone cladding on the outside harmonize wonderfully with the privacy fence and contrast with the golden color of the limestone cladding.

Outdoor kitchen

natural stone facing exterior wall cladding exterior cladding exterior fireplace two-tone pergola luxury garden

Nothing can replace a cozy evening barbecue with friends or a family reunion in the garden area. For this reason, the decision to build an outdoor kitchen in the outdoor area would be the optimal option. Outdoor kitchens are suitable for patios, gardens, courtyards and many other design options. You can also use it to cook comfortably and have fun outdoors instead of having to constantly walk back and forth for utensils.

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A well-designed outdoor kitchen can also provide all of the luxury and design of traditional indoor kitchen areas. The matching wall cladding made of stone or granite, as well as the natural stone facing, give the simple grill a sophisticated look and make cleaning the outside space easier.

natural stone facing exterior wall cladding exterior cladding covered terrace luxury kitchen flat tv

This outdoor kitchen is a great example of a monochrome design where the stainless steel components and facing bricks are superbly combined on the outside. Instead of simply grouping the different parts of the kitchen together, clinker bricks help to unify the cooking area and give it a substantial appearance.

Outdoor fireplace

stone bricks clinker exterior wall cladding exterior cladding exterior fireplace garden garden furniture

Another popular feature for outside entertaining is the outdoor fireplace. This can offer you a meeting point and be a focal point for the entire courtyard. Other wood-burning stoves, for which you can also use natural stone facing, fit so seamlessly into the rest of the landscape that they do not appear out of place outdoors at all. At the same time, the stacked clinker brick has a modern look as a field stone. This means that you can also use it to equip a wide range of outdoor areas.


Privacy fence exterior cladding fireplace black straps rattan furniture pool area lying

Fireplaces can also be outdoor social spaces. While many pits look rustic and too simple, natural stone facing can create a contemporary feel. If you use gas, you can add clinker tiles or brick cladding to the base of the fireplace, for example, in order to achieve an effective exterior cladding.

natural stone facing outside cladding outside fireplace two-tone fence stool cushions lying pool

The clean edges of the open fireplace can give the whole outside space that appropriate modern look while you enjoy the evening. The natural stone facing on the outside ensures a natural appearance, which allows the whole thing to blend in well with the overall picture.

Two-tone facing bricks in the outdoor living room

exterior cladding exterior fireplace covered terrace luxury dining table pool

Imagine coming home after a busy day at work to relax in your own personal hideaway and enjoy a delicious meal cooked on the grill of your outdoor stone kitchen. Then imagine spending the rest of your evening under the stars while you relax by the stone fireplace in your stone living room.

external wall cladding external cladding canopy television fireplace

Homeowners who live in climates with fine weather may consider a covered terrace as a living area. In order to indulge in the high level of comfort, you can equip it with a fireplace and flat screen for even more entertainment.

external cladding covered terrace pool table

With two-tone wall cladding you set the right accent in the room by making it the focal point for the entire living space. You can highlight lighter natural stone facing outside or on the fireplace. Thus you draw the attention of all guests to it. Outdoor areas like this are ideal places for entertainment. This allows you to expand the functional area of ​​your house beyond the boundaries of its walls.

Wall cladding made of stone slips for exterior walls

Exterior wall cladding seating group luxury cushions pillars glass railings

Make your veranda or outside area the highlight of the whole apartment by designing a stone wall with straps. You can easily bring the homely ambience from inside the house to the outside with the help of stylish and modern-looking wall strips.

fence exterior cladding fireplace rattan furniture

The right seating group with cushions that are carefully matched to the stone can tie the whole room together in a classic way. In turn, you can create a comfortable relaxation area in which you can enjoy pleasant evenings for two or the sunset.

Numerous design options

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Natural stone facing bricks can transform any outdoor living area into a breathtaking sanctuary. For example, create an attractive mailbox for the front of your house. Use it to decorate the entrance gate to give the guest or potential homebuyer a touch of class and elegance.

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Stone cladding for the exterior can also add a more effective dimension to your fish pond or even be used in the construction of a fountain. The plastic facing bricks used for ponds, fountains and man-made waterfalls can also withstand all weather conditions. Consider updating your landscaping to include any of these beautiful features and get the look you are looking for. A wide variety of styles and colors opens up a wide field for creative exterior designs. From contemporary to traditional to rustic – the power is in your hands.