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Exclusive garden furniture or how you can furnish the patio in a chic way

Modern rattan furniture garden design ideas

The wide range of Garden furniture and accessories, can confuse you rather than help you set up. In addition, we offer you an overview of the classic and modern styles and options for design, so that your garden and individual patio design are carried out according to your wishes, ideas and needs.

Kinds of garden furniture

Fireplace chill-out zone patio garden

The garden can become a place of perfect relaxation for many people. For this it is important that you set up comfortable and practical furniture. the Garden furniture can match a certain style – Asian, vintage, shabby chic, natural, romantic, Mediterranean, minimalist, contemporary. But they can also be chosen voluntarily and arranged in a stylish way so that they harmonize well with each other.

Conventional garden furniture

Metal chairs-dining table garden patio

The outdoor furniture includes any garden chairs, tables and benches for socializing with friends. Usually they have to be made from the same material. There is hardly any shape or material that is not in the Garden furniture is used. Garden tables are square, round, oval or rectangular. The chairs are small or large, low or high. Tables and chairs in various wood, aluminum or iron frames are very popular. Garden benches made of wood or iron, or a combination of both, are well suited for a quiet, idyllic patio.

Alternative garden furniture

Sturdy chairs rattan pergola candlesticks garden

Most gardens also have comfortable sun loungers, umbrellas, side tables, low backs, foldable or fixed chairs. Chill-out Hot with an integrated fireplace and rocking chairs under the pergola is really the top.

Outdoor furniture – advantages of the different materials

iron table chair black coffee table

The metal furniture is perfect for the outdoor area and has its advantages. Black is a classic color for wrought iron, although many people paint it a different color. Garden furniture with bronze finish harmonize with wrought iron accents in the background. Aluminum patio furniture is available in different styles and unusual or classic shapes. They are rustproof, light and elegant. Usually they are a little more expensive compared to the iron furniture. Seating groups made of natural stone can also sometimes be seen.

Weatherproof benches for the garden

Modern patio bankirai terrace veranda

The table frame and chair frame can be made of hand-forged steel and covered with colored or white upholstery as desired. The furniture and cushion upholstery is also made of weatherproof fabrics and is available in a variety of stylish patterns and colors.

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Arrange the patio yourself

robust outdoor furniture design arrangement

If you prefer to design your seating group individually, you can put it together from a large selection of individual pieces of furniture. You can choose between modern cane furniture, rattan furniture, weatherproof Garden furniture Choose from steel and fade resistant acrylic cover, fenced furniture, plastic furniture, etc..

Garden furniture for the pool area

Garden furniture pool patio sun lounger umbrellas

Do you feel like spending the sunny weekend by the pool? What could be nicer than chilling out on a comfortable lounge chair in the garden. Lying in the sun is really fun. Teak furniture for the pool area is known for its durability and water resistance. Wherever shade is needed, a parasol, awning or mobile awning offer ideal protection from the sun.

Outdoor dining and living areas

Outdoor rustic furniture-dining table seating area sofas

Cedar furniture is durable and resistant to insects. A cedar pergola or rustic arbor and wooden fence as a backdrop are practical and natural choices for the outdoor family dining area. Create a casual place to relax yourself. Add the old furniture and create a vintage look. Garden furniture on wheels can easily be positioned to follow the sun or shade.

Outdoor area / vintage look

Garden seating group-wooden chairs aluminum chair

  Garden furniture and accessories in a fashionable ambience

Furniture garden yellow blue pillows fireplace

Chill-out zone in the garden

Outdoor furniture swing sofa wood frame backyard pool

Robust chairs – outdoor seating area

Rattan furniture iron frame armchair sunflower

Iron chairs and table frame

Iron frame table chair aluminum