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Designing the terrace and balcony with plants and flowers – 53 ideas


In summer everyone likes to be outdoors – the terrace and balcony become a retreat where the family can relax and entertain. Of course, you want to make the outside area as cheerful and inviting as possible. With cozy plants and magnificent flowers, the dream of a small, green oasis will come true. We will show you 53 modern design ideas for your garden, balcony and roof terrace – let yourself be inspired!

Terrace and balcony – a cozy green oasis in the middle of the big city

Terrace-balcony-plants-privacy protection ideas

Who could resist the evergreen plants? They make the terrace and balcony look inviting and cozy all year round. The beautiful combination of deciduous trees and dwarf cypresses / pictured in the photo above / works surprisingly well. Tall ornamental grasses and perennial shrubs add to the design concept. It is a dreamlike roof terrace that promises casual hours in the open air!

Design the terrace and balcony – a touch of the exotic with bamboo and palm trees


Bamboo and palm trees make you dream of exotic islands. But this dream can also come true in the terraced house garden – because the two plants are extremely durable and can easily survive the winter outside / ok, the palm tree naturally needs special frost protection /. The attractive garden furniture in strong orange color and the small decorative stone fountain add the finishing touches.

Formal English style terrace and balcony

Terrace-balcony-design-potted-plants-small-indoor-tree-citrus fruits

The traditional English garden is formally designed. The hedge plants and deciduous trees border the lawn and give the outside area a structured look. The design can also be faked on a balcony – with symmetrically arranged plant pots and an artificial turf carpet. Clarity and clarity also dominate on the balcony shown above and below.

Design roof terrace – potted plants for Mediterranean balcony design

Terrace-balcony-shape-trees-potted plants

Mediterranean design ensures a carefree holiday feeling on the balcony or terrace. With various Mediterranean plants you can bring popular vacation spots into your home. Olive trees, lemon trees and fragrant plants should of course not be missing in this case. The garden table with its azure blue tabletop makes you dream of the warm sea. The rattan furniture in neutral colors creates the impression that you are in a Greek garden.

Create a balcony in the English style – formal allotment garden


Potted plants in terracotta pots undoubtedly bring a Mediterranean touch with them. Orleander as well as the South American agapanthus provide the desired flair. In addition to the olive trees, figs, pomegranates and bay leaves create a special atmosphere. If you want to feel beautiful, spicy scents on the balcony or terrace, you can use mallow, jasmine, hibiscus, myrtle or bougainvillea. You can create a Mediterranean planting with different citrus fruits in proper style. Lemons, limes, mandarins or oranges provide the desired feeling. You can also enrich the terrace planting with various aromatic herbs. Herbs such as lavender, basil, rosemary, sage, coriander or lemon balm provide a delicious scent and beautifully garnished plates. The herbs are easy to care for and are always at hand when cooking. Typically, Mediterranean plants do best with plenty of sunlight. Put the lower plants in front of the higher ones so you can get enough sun.

In the photo gallery below you will find numerous other ideas and suggestions – let yourself be inspired!

Roof terrace with tall planters made from recycled wood

Terrace-balcony-Mediterranean-flair-design-potted plants

The design options that transform a roof terrace or balcony into a flower oasis are very diverse. Which plants you choose for the terrace depends in the first place on the position of the balcony. Of course, it is important how much space is available for the balcony plants. The selected flowers and plants must of course correspond to your own ideas and taste. Those who would like to invest time in greening their own balcony can afford more sophisticated flowers. Hobby gardeners, on the other hand, who need easy-care flowers, will not go wrong with roses, lavender, hydrangeas and midday flowers.

Spacious, sunny roof terrace with planters as room dividers

Terrace-balcony-Mediterranean flair-potted plants-roof terrace

As mentioned above, Mediterranean plants such as lavender, sage, thyme and rosemary are suitable for sunny locations. The pleasant herbal scent spreads on the balcony. The orleander is also a popular plant for your south-facing balcony. It blooms from June to September and beautifies your terrace or balcony with its shades between white, yellow and red. Uncomplicated plants for the sunny balcony are the dahlia and the two-toothed. Magic bells, geraniums, petunias and purslane florets love the sun and are an excellent choice for your south-facing balcony. If you prefer lush blooming flowers, the easy-care bougainvilleas and hussar buttons are the right choice for you.

In the middle of the forest – small conifers provide privacy on the balcony

Terrace-balcony-dwarf trees-conifers-grass

If your balcony is in the shade or partial shade, perennial plants and small shrubs can make your terrace look pretty. The balcony plants Laurentie or Männertreu are very suitable for a partially shaded balcony. The bellflower and the bleeding heart bloom even without much sun and are pleasing to the eye. The beautiful fuchsia, for example, feels at home where other plants cannot last long, namely in the shade. The tuberous begonias and snowflake flowers also feel very comfortable in a shady place. The hard-working Lieschen also thrives quite well without the sun. You are welcome to try out different combinations of balcony plants with perennial plants. Combinations of flowering plants and bamboo, boxwood or fern look adorable.

Japanese maple and conifer on the balcony

Terrace-balcony-conifer-privacy screen-sitting area

The choice of planting must also be adapted to the size of your balcony. With linen balconies, you can hang the plants on the wall, on the ceiling or in hanging baskets. The various seasonal plants can also be found in plant boxes that you can attach to the balcony railing. If you have a large roof terrace, you can place an olive tree in a large tub as a balcony plant. The garden hydrangeas can also reach waist height and are very suitable for large balconies.

Indoor trees on the roof terrace

Terrace-balcony-indoor trees-pergola-sun protection

In the summer months of July and August they are a real eye-catcher with the white or pink flower balls. From June your roof terrace will also be embellished by the Orleander, which can be up to two meters tall. The large plants also serve as privacy screens on large balconies. The Indian flower tube gives your roof terrace a tropical flair and likes sunny locations as sheltered from the wind as possible. Other great flowers for your sunny terrace are the angel’s trumpets and convertible roses. The last ones get over two meters high over the years.

Palm trees and perennials on the minimalist designed balcony

Terrace-balcony-plants-design-modern-citrus trees

Create a vertical herb garden on the balcony 

Terrace-balcony-vertical-garden-trellis-plant pots-herbs

Deciduous trees and tall ornamental grasses on the balcony

Create terrace-balcony-potted plants-ornamental grasses-roof terrace

Dwarf cypresses and ornamental grasses form an attractive ensemble


Balcony with a minimalist design 

Terrace-balcony-dwarf cypress-design-ideas

Arrange the indoor plants on the balcony in summer

Terrace-balcony-potted plants-decoration-ideas-bamboo

Terrace-balcony-reed-plant-pot-ideas-view protection

Terrace-balcony-round-plant pots-ideas-metal furniture


Terrace balcony angel grass potted plants

Terrace-balcony-fire bowl-glass-railing-plants

Terrace design – exotic garden with bamboo as a privacy screen


Terrace-balcony-flowers-ideas-real wood furniture


Terrace-balcony-hillside garden-bamboo-succulent-annual-flowers

Terrace-balcony-hedge plants-privacy screen

Terrace-balcony-raised beds-privacy screen

Terrace-balcony-tall-trees-sun protection

Terrace-balcony-ideas-lemon tree-mediterranean


Terrace-balcony-allotment-garden-create-summer flowers-ideas

Terrace-balcony-country house charm-succulents-summer flowers

Terrace-balcony-secluded-potted plants-pergola ideas



Terrace-balcony-olive tree-potted plants-frame

Terrace-balcony-plants-raised beds

Terrace-balcony-rhododendron-plants-dining area-outdoors


Terrace-balcony-perennials-ivy-garden-gravel surface

Terrace-balcony-shrubs-olive tree ideas

Terrace-balcony-succulent plants-hanging baskets


Terrace-balcony-potted tree-climbing plants-vertical-garden

Terrace-balcony-aquatic plants-bamboo ideas

Terrace-balcony-desert garden-cacti-succulents-raised beds

terrace and balcony cupboards tree rust optics wood floor succulents

terrace and balcony graeser flower box rattan armchair gray

terrace and balcony colorful blaetter chair wicker design handrail metal

terrace and balcony tree planter modern graeser seating area lounge

terrace and balcony idea planting lush design clay peppers