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Design your terrace floor with color – this is how you paint an outdoor carpet!

paint the terrace floor with color paint the carpet

It used to be more of a functional addition to the house – nowadays it extends the living area outside. Comfortable furniture creates a lounge area where the family can relax outdoors. The outdoor kitchen is equipped with everything necessary so that barbecuing on the weekend becomes a real culinary art. The dining area invites you to spend happy evenings with friends. Yes, the terrace has a lot to offer – so, in summer, life can be relocated outside. The stylish outdoor area looks complete with an outside carpet – the carpet underlines the homely character of the design. Unfortunately, what looks nice is not always practical. Carpets bind dust, stains are difficult to remove, and once carpets get wet it takes a long time to dry out. This is disadvantageous for the surface – if waterlogging occurs, rot can develop and cause damage. If you don’t want to do without it, you can paint the terrace floor and paint the outside carpet instead. The DIY project is pretty straightforward and the end result successfully simulates the carpet look.

Design the terrace floor with paint – paint the wooden floor

terrace floor color design wooden floor paint ideas

In summer the terrace becomes a popular retreat and plays the main role in the open living concept for the warm season. This makes flooring all the more important – wood is very popular because of its pleasant feel and natural color. Above all, long-lasting exotic woods come into question. Bangkirai planks easily defy heat and frost and are ideally suited for use in the garden. The wood also scores with an attractive look – its red-brown color and attractive grain create a cozy atmosphere. The native larch wood is also popular – although it is not as durable as exotic tropical wood species, it costs 30% less in comparison.

terrace floor with color design stripes painting blue white

Like any natural material, wood is partially waterproof. That is why the boards are usually sealed by the manufacturer or treated with special oils – these are then reapplied every year. However, no paint can be applied to a lacquered wooden floor. So the first step is to remove the special coating. First clear out the terrace, then clean the floor thoroughly. If necessary, the dirt can be removed with a pressure washer. Above all, it is important that the surface remains completely clean in the end. Then rinse the terrace with water and let it dry. Now the work can begin.

Design the terrace floor with color – attach the patterns

Create your own terrace floor with color

Before the paint is removed, the concept should be defined. First create a sketch and mark all the furniture, planters and home accessories such as vases, statues, etc. on it. Then think carefully about the color scheme and determine the colors. In the end, the right patterns are selected. The color consumption can then be calculated based on the selected samples. Which motifs will decorate the terrace depends on several factors. First of all – the experience of the hobby gardener. Beginners can opt for striped patterns – they are quick and easy to apply. Numerous geometric patterns can also enhance the outdoor area. The professionals have a useful trick here – if you opt for simple motifs, you can experiment with colors and create exciting contrasts. And vice versa – the more complicated the pattern, the simpler the color scheme.

paint the terrace floor with color orange white paint plank floor

The available space is also important – the smaller the rug, the simpler the design. Elaborate patterns cut a fine figure in large format. The style of living also determines the pattern. Modern furniture can be easily combined with geometric motifs, while complicated natural motifs (flowers, birds, plants) go well with vintage furniture and decorations..

The right waterproof paint can be easily applied to a thoroughly cleaned wooden terrace. Large motifs (e.g. stripes, triangles, etc.) can be marked on the floor with adhesive paper tape. Stencils are usually made for smaller motifs. With a little skill, anyone can create the template on their own; there are in any case numerous ready-made templates available on the market.

Design the terrace floor with color – paint concrete slabs

terrace floor with color shape geometric pattern concrete floor

In contrast to wood, where the paint is removed first, the concrete (regardless of whether exposed concrete or exposed aggregate concrete slabs) must be sealed first. To do this, the surface is first checked for cracks, then thoroughly cleaned. After cleaning, let the concrete dry out, then prime. Apply a sealing layer on dry concrete floor and then let it cure for at least a week. Special concrete glazes are available on the market – these last a very long time and can be applied quickly. In the photo gallery below you will find floor coverings with different patterns for inspiration.

Design a colorful terrace

Terrace flooring with color design geometric pattern ideas

Gone are the days of simple, single-colored terrace designs. The eclectic mix in the photo above is much more exciting – the decorative pillows are richly decorated with Indian motifs. Together with the dark mahogany wood of the garden pergola, they form an attractive ensemble. The low sofa and the wood-carved coffee table bring a touch of the Orient to the garden. The vintage piece of furniture in the middle – the small green side table with natural motifs adds the finishing touches. So that the concrete floor does not look boring, it was provided with geometric patterns. The end result – a charming terrace with its own character.

Small but nice – design a boho chic terrace

terrace floor with color design boho chic furniture

Definitely proof that not only spacious terraces can offer enough space for decoration. Statues, sculptural side tables and planters on a stone pedestal create a stylish arrangement on the small terrace. Even in a limited area, the fireplace should of course not be missing – even if it is in a small format. Happy colors, natural motifs, animal patterns and of course many exotic plants give the outdoor area a splash of color. The terrace in boho look is completed by the monochrome floor covering. The black and white stripes contrast with the colorful motifs on the decorative pillows and offer a certain freedom of design. The simple stripes also blend in harmoniously in traditional and modern living spaces.

Design the terrace floor with color – maritime color scheme

terrace floor with color design black and white stripes red accents

The maritime decoration makes us dream of exotic islands and distant lands. The red, dark blue and white color scheme creates a happy atmosphere at the garden table and welcomes guests on board. The folding chairs made of bamboo spice up the arrangement. The cushions with knitted anchor presses, the bread basket made of rattan and the candle in the middle of the table are particularly attractive. Since the stripes as the main motif strongly characterize the look, they should of course not be missing on the floor. They are not only a real eye-catcher, but optically divide the terrace into two areas – the outdoor dining area and the coffee table right next to it.

Design a classic terrace in a monochrome look

terrace floor with color shape drawing monochrome triangles

The black and white color scheme gives the terrace a classic look. You don’t have to invest in expensive vintage furniture to make the outdoor area look stylish. In this case, the seating group steps in the background and leaves the stage to the floor covering. The geometric patterns can be attached to the exposed concrete using a triangle template. Simply paint the terrace in white first, let it dry and then paint the black motifs. If you do not trust yourself to design the entire terrace floor with color, you can only decorate the edge with the motifs instead.

Spice up the minimalist terrace

terrace floor with color shape blue pattern pergola

Simple shapes, clear lines, a subtle color scheme – in the minimalist living style, the golden rule applies: “Less is more”. At some point, however, the teak furniture, the exposed concrete floor and the wooden pergola start to look boring. The Moorish patterns on the floor loosen up the strict overall picture and add a fresh note to the design and give the outside area character in a flash.

terrace floor color design painting oriental pattern

By the way, simpler patterns can be attached with a stamp – this creates an exciting patchwork pattern in white and blue. Simply perfect for the pool area or for the terrace next to the garden pond.

terrace flooring color design maritime ideas

Furniture made of bamboo, scented plants and of course the white and blue color scheme bring that beach feeling into your own garden. The strips on the floor can be attached in no time. Our tip – a minimum width of 30 cm visually enlarges the terrace and makes it appear more spacious. In addition, both large furniture and small accessories can be better presented on large strips.

Design your terrace floor with color – a touch of vintage in the garden

terrace floor color design vintage furniture decor ideas

Wooden furniture with chipped paint, wall decorations made of driftwood, watering can instead of flower pots – the vintage terrace displays found objects from the flea market. The subtle color scheme lets textures, fabrics and materials come to the fore. The seat outside can be so cozy. Of course, the concrete floor somehow doesn’t fit the concept – at least not with its untreated surface. But if it is provided with stylish patterns, it successfully fakes the carpet look.

terrace floor color design oriental tile pattern painting

Retro motifs shine in white and blue in the lounge area. Especially in designs with furniture in plain colors, the patterns make their big entrance. You will need at least a weekend for the project pictured above – most of all, patience is required. Because the prefabricated template makes the task much easier. Divide up the area – so the whole family can take part in the project. Our tip – paint only part of the terrace as a test at the beginning – this way you can correctly assess whether the selected design is really suitable.

Design your terrace floor with color – shabby chic

terrace floor color design vintage deco furniture diy

Even if the paint flakes off over time, the “carpet” still cuts a fine figure on the shabby chic terrace. So that it really lasts for a long time, colors should be chosen accordingly for use outdoors. It is also advisable to adapt its dimensions to the available free space. Chairs, stools and small side tables are always being moved back and forth and the floor is scratched. In the example shown above, the look is even desired. Because in contrast to the vintage style, where furniture and decoration are really old, shabby chic furniture is mass production. The patina is imitated with special machines. The end result is confusingly similar to the original – the furniture can hardly be distinguished from antiques.

terrace floor color design black and white paint wooden floor

The terrace in monochrome look offers numerous design options – the neutral color scheme forms the perfect background for attractive decorations. Accents are set with tablecloths, flowers and lanterns. In this way, the outdoor dining area can be redesigned again and again – the idea is perfect for singles who like to invite friends over for dinner. You will surprise your guests with a new arrangement every time. And the black and white stripes on the wooden floor hide the already faded wood color and let the terrace shine in new splendor. In addition, the painted flooring is pretty easy to care for – especially practical, because who actually wants to clean and oil the terrace thoroughly after a long day at work.

Design the terrace floor with color – Moroccan patterns 

terrace floor color design oriental motifs wood seating area

Stylish Moroccan patterns bring a holiday feeling to the garden – but in order for them to fascinate with their exotic charm for a long time, the right care in spring plays a decisive role. Once the concrete slabs have already been decorated with elaborate motifs, the question of cleaning will arise next spring at the latest. Chemical agents are only possible under certain circumstances – but you must definitely seek advice about this, because some can remove the color. High-pressure cleaners can attack the sensitive surface of the exposed concrete panels. In the next winter, small cracks will form that can only be repaired with great difficulty. The best way to do this is to clean the concrete surface with soap – you have to reckon with a certain amount of effort.

Design the terrace floor with color and maintain it properly

terrace floor color design paving stones covering decorate

Whether simple or with ornaments – if you want to design your terrace floor with color, you have numerous design options to choose from. It is important to clean and prepare the surface – the varnish is sanded off on wood, the other way around on concrete slabs – glaze is applied. Only then can the patterns be attached to the floor using a stencil. Above all, it is important that you are patient and then protect the terrace from rain and dirt while it is drying. Further care depends on the floor covering – wood usually does not require any further care, concrete must be cleaned thoroughly with soap once a year.

terrace floor color shape dark blue white black

terrace floor color shape palm trees exotic day bed garden

terrace floor color shape circle paint stripes green

terrace floor color design house entrance decorate rattan garden bench

terrace floor color shape winter garden stripes paint

terrace floor color design drawing nature motifs