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Design garden furniture for a modern facility in the outdoor area

design garden furniture turquoise seat cushion dock canape stool

If you are looking for trendy designer furniture that is extremely functional, you will make the right choice with the new models from Emu. The new collection consists of different types of garden furniture. She impresses with creative designs that meet all the requirements that you put on Design garden furniture provide, meet, if not even exceed. We would like to present this unique furniture to you in detail in this article. The materials used include aluminum, steel, eco-leather, glass and technical textiles.

Modern design garden furniture

design garden furniture dock-couch-modular-orange-coral-color-modern

One of the impressive models is the “Dock” sofa. The design comes from the German designer Sebastian Herkner. It is a modular sofa that, thanks to its individual components, can be put together in a variety of ways to adapt to your outdoor area. The frame is made of aluminum, while the backrests of this design garden furniture for the lounge can be chosen at any height and joined together so that even day beds can be created.

Design garden furniture for the outdoor area

design garden furniture coffee table-glass-round-patio-pool area

There is also a stylish coffee table with a round shape and a glass top. But this model is not the only one. Originally it was supposed to serve the catering trade, so different sizes and shapes were designed from different materials. The beautiful design garden furniture can be put together in any way to create interesting combinations.

Designer garden furniture in interesting designs


The outdoor garden furniture can, for example, also be equipped with this attractive coconut table. It belongs to the Terramare collection of designer garden furniture, for which we would also like to introduce you to an attractive sofa below. The table consists of three differently sized shelves at different heights. This creates an interesting look that goes wonderfully with the rest of the furniture.

High quality garden furniture from Emu

design garden furniture vetta-deckchair-colors-white-blue-beige-brown-sun sails

These chairs as design garden furniture are called “Vetta” and are a design by Studio Chiaramonte / Marin, which was specially developed for Emu. The deckchairs are designed in a simple way, but are still visually very appealing, thanks to the elegant, collapsible steel frame that is covered with the Batyline fabric from Ferrari.

Colorful furniture

design garden furniture purple-vetta-sun-chaise-lounge-comfort

The fabric is available in different colors, so that you can either create a neural outdoor area or set accents with colors. You can also choose between different paint colors for the frame. The backrests of this designer garden furniture are also adjustable in two positions, so that you can sit relaxed or sunbathe.

Set up dining area

design garden furniture thor-dining-table-rustic-sewing-machine-table leg

“Thor” is a selection of interesting chairs for outdoors that are made of steel. They optically imitate old wooden chairs as we know them from earlier times. These chairs are also offered in different colors, but they are all quite similar, as natural tones were used for this design wooden garden furniture.

Outdoor stool


There are also bar stools to match these chairs, which you can use to furnish your garden bar. The design garden furniture from the Thor collection all have a rustic style, which can also be wonderfully combined with the modern style. Above you can see stools in white and two shades of brown.

Design garden chairs

design-garden-furniture-thor-dining-table-chairs-shabby-wall design

The chairs from the Thor collection can either all be put together in one color or consist of different colors. Combinations of two colors also look very aesthetic. Whichever variant you choose, the design garden furniture from Emu will ensure that your outdoor area is a big highlight.

Garden furniture for the lounge

design-garden-furniture-terramare-light blue-sofa-metal-white-lounge

The “Terramare” collection also comes from Studio Chiaramonte / Marin, which does not include the coffee table above but also this unique lounge, which is particularly suitable for smaller areas. There is also an aluminum dining table, which, depending on the model, can also be pulled out, as well as armchairs with backrests made of eco-leather and seat cushions. The design garden furniture is waterproof and is also suitable for indoor use.

Comfort for the lounge


While the model above is shown in light blue and with a white frame, here you see a model in orange and with a dark frame. The color for the coffee table was also chosen to match. The design garden furniture fits perfectly with the minimalist outdoor area, because they spice it up and make it look even more stylish.

Design garden furniture with mesh made of metal


Two other collections are characterized by a unique design. What is meant are the “Lyze” and “Zahir” collections, which include impressive designer garden furniture. Above you can see the steel Lyze chair, the back of which is made of a wire mesh. It is available in six colors and with a matching footstool.

Colored chairs


The design of the chairs comes from Studio Archirivolto. Above, chairs in red and a light beige tone are combined. It doesn’t matter whether you furnish the outside or inside with these chairs. What is certain is that you will create real eye-catchers in this way. The designer garden furniture are real masterpieces.

Modern metal garden furniture


The chairs are part of the Zahir collection, which also includes an aluminum table with a fiber-reinforced concrete tabletop, which was developed by the French designer Florent Corier. The design garden furniture made of aluminum has an attractive backrest, which comes into its own thanks to exquisite colors.

Exclusive garden furniture from Emu


As already mentioned, the Zahir chairs also impress as designer garden furniture with attractive colors. These include black, white, red, gray, and green. The chairs look perfect in combination with a modern or rustic dining table. A patchwork effect in particular, in which you combine different colors for the chairs with a wooden table, would be very original.

Two-seater made of metal


Another new collection from the Emu brand is “Darwin”. It consists, among other things, of a modern two-seater with slightly abstract shapes as well as chairs and a coffee table. The furniture is wonderfully suited to create an area to relax. The designer garden furniture also looks great under a modern metal pergola.

Colorful diversity


Color is one of the key words when it comes to describing Emu’s collections. In addition to vibrant nuances, this time there is also metallic paintwork in copper and corten or the so-called French blue. High-quality textiles adorn the design garden furniture, including the aforementioned Batyline by Ferrari.

Garden table design


If you are also looking for suitable designer garden furniture for the dining area, the “Kira” collection may be just right for you. The large dining table offers space for up to 10 people and is available in a light and dark version. The furniture is made of aluminum and weatherproof textiles that can withstand all weather conditions.

Minimalist terrace


The design for the furniture from this collection comes from Christophe Pillet. The result is modern and elegant pieces of furniture that make every stay on the terrace and every garden party a pleasant experience. A minimalist outdoor area is particularly suitable for this piece of furniture, but does not necessarily have to be the basis for this facility.

Models of emu.