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Creating a patio pond – 25 modern and space-saving ideas


If you want to create a patio pond, you have to plan precisely and show creativity in the design! We are happy to help and show you 25 ideas with which you can create a little oasis. With or without water features, with plants in a natural look or rather simple and modern – let yourself be inspired by the examples in the photo series below!

Create a patio pond – with or without aquatic plants?

Terrace pond-create-dining-place-wood-bridge

The terrace pond is usually built at the end of the terrace and is optically a continuation of the terrace. The terrace is then seamlessly connected to the garden with a modern wooden bridge. This design is extremely practical and modern – a stylish addition to a single-family house in a minimalist style. Those who choose to do so can do without water plants and instead decorate the shallow pond with river stones. Alternatively, the pond can be planted with water lilies, reeds or a swamp sedge.

Create a terrace pond – with or without water features?


If the patio pond is rather small, it can be highlighted with water features. Garden fountains or a waterfall will relax the senses and attract birds and butterflies. In any case, if the pond is larger, you can do without it and instead settle Koi fish or turtles. In the photo gallery you will find further delightful examples of successful terrace design with a water pond. Let this inspire you and create an oasis of wellbeing!

Lay the terrace with wood and create a small garden pond right next to it

Create terrace pond-wood-water lilies-concrete-paving stones

Regardless of whether you have a large or small garden, you do not have to do without the element of water. Garden ponds actually fit everywhere and invite you to linger on beautiful sunny days. There is a huge variety of patio pond types. Depending on the size of the garden and personal preferences, you will surely find the right type that best fits the previous style in your garden. If you are a nature lover, a garden pond with lots of plants in different zones might be the right thing for your taste.

Stylish terrace framed by two small garden ponds

Terrace-pond-create-wood-water lilies-reeds

Such a pond can be created as a foil pond in any shape. A near-natural terrace pond is also available as a prefabricated pond. In a formal garden, for example, a formal koi pond or ornamental pond will fit. These ponds impress with their clear lines and few plants that are used effectively. A formal patio pond is usually created next to a seat. It can either be made of concrete or made of foil. The edge of the film is covered with bricks or stone slabs.

Modern minimalist terrace design with a shallow garden pond decorated with river stones


If you want to build a large garden pond, it is best to opt for a foil pond. With this inexpensive variant, there are no limits to the design. A prefabricated pond, on the other hand, is the ideal solution for smaller gardens. It is quick to set up, very stable and durable. The different water zones are predefined and cannot be changed. If you want to create a pond, you have to think carefully about where the pond will be placed.

Modern terrace design – shallow garden pond with water features

Terrace pond-create-wood-terrace-gravel floor-water features

If you choose a garden pond with plants, it is important that it gets six hours of sun so that the plants can thrive. So that you can feel the refreshing and cooling effect of the patio pond at all times, the pond should also be clearly visible from your seat. A patio pond under trees is not a good decision as the run will fall straight into the water.

Terrace pond with water lilies quickly becomes an eye-catcher

Creating a terrace pond-ideas-planting-water lilies-water plants

A beautifully planted terrace pond becomes an oasis that invites you to relax and makes the sunny hours unforgettable. In order for the water to remain clear and clean, the pond must be properly planted. a third of the water surface should be left unplanted. Actually, you can hardly imagine a garden pond without water lilies. Use varieties that remain as small as possible for planting the pond. The beautiful water lilies should get the deepest point in the terrace pond. You must not use fertilized garden soil when planting. The finished pond plant soil and garden clay soil without root residues are suitable.

Design the front garden – create a terrace pond and plant it with aquatic plants

Creating a terrace pond with ideas and designing a front garden in a modern way

The underwater plants provide oxygen in the pond and the marsh plants are used by the animals as hiding places. Plants with large leaves, such as geraniums and hostas, are suitable for planting the banks of the pond. Proper pond maintenance is of great importance for clear water. Therefore, remove pollen, leaves and overgrown plants regularly, regularly. Various tools from the garden can be of great help in cleaning up your water. With a landing net, for example, you can get anything out of the water that you see floating on the surface.

The garden pond optically separates the terrace from the garden


If you want to liven up your own garden pond, you can enrich it with various useful animals. You are welcome to put fish such as goldfish, minnows or bitterling in the realm. There are of course other aquatic animals that colonize themselves. Interesting settlers are frogs that feed on water fleas and mosquitoes, from which we can of course benefit. The fascinatingly beautiful dragonflies can also be found very often at the garden pond. If you have placed limestones around the water, lizards and frogs will gradually appear there.

Garden pond made of steel next to the wooden terrace

Create terrace-pond-modern-ideas-wood-tiles

The snails are also very beneficial for the biotope. Useful species are, for example, the tower snails and the pan snails. They ensure that the pond floor is loosened up. Another species that balances out the biotope are the pond snails. They feed on plant debris and algae. Of course, the snails in the terrace pond must not become too large, because if there is a lack of food they will eat up the plants in the pond.

Modern terrace design – cozy plants surround the terrace, a small pond attracts birds and butterflies

Creating a terrace-pond-modern-ideas-plants

Garden pond decorated with a stone garden statue – modern design idea

Creating a terrace pond, reeds, water lilies and concrete terrace

Create a terrace pond in the steel pool

Create a terrace pond with water lilies and sand paving stones

Creating a terrace pond – modern garden design

Terrace-pond-create-front garden-modern-ideas

Create a terrace pond with water features

Terrace-pond-create-water features-modern-ideas

Create a terrace-pond-rock-modern-nature-look

Create a terrace pond, brazier, and water features

Create a terrace-pond-garden-bench-modern-Koi-fish


Create terrace pond-koi-fish-water lilies

Create a terrace-pond-cozy-concrete-small

Create a terrace-pond-pure-nature-water lilies

Create terrace pond-water features-natural stone fountain

Create a terrace-pond-cascade-water feature-water lily